SharePoint Trends and Techniques

Microsoft SharePoint is getting smarter and better each day. We will keep you updated with all exceptional capabilities and improvements SharePoint is turning into reality. Let's become more productive!

How to Manage Extranet Sites from SharePoint?

You can create an extranet site in SharePoint online and give access to your clients, vendors, and partners to make it easier to collaborate/share information with them. This week’s SharePoint tips give you information on how to create an extranet site, invite users, monitor external user activity etc.

How to manage Office 365 Group access to SharePoint Sites?

By following this week's SharePoint Tips and Tricks you can learn to connect an Office 365 Group to a SharePoint Site, and stop sharing OneDrive or SharePoint files or folders or change permissions. There is also information on changing your contact preferences for communications from Microsoft, and steps to add a tab with a link to an existing SharePoint Site or SharePoint Library to your Microsoft Teams.

How to Manage Syncing in SharePoint

We know how important it is to sync with your SharePoint Online Libraries. This week’s SharePoint Tips consist of various steps that you can follow to fix SharePoint Online sync problems. By following these tips, you can access files online and ensure enough space for the right files to sync.

How to Add and Manage SharePoint Site Pages?

Pages in SharePoint sites give you the freedom to share ideas in the form of images, videos, documents and more. We are here with a bunch of tricks and tips that let you create and publish pages into a SharePoint Site. You can also learn how to customize the title area of a page, edit the page, and how to make the page easy for others to find.

How to check out a file from a document library?

Check Out, Check In and Versions are important features that let users manage files and documents in a library effectively. Learn how to check out and check in files to a SharePoint Document Library. You can also discover how to discard a check out from a document library, and steps to make it mandatory to check out a file before editing.

How to change the default experience for lists and libraries in SharePoint Online?

Learn how to change the default experience of lists and libraries in SharePoint Online. You can also understand how to easily know who has files checked out in SharePoint Online, steps to choose which column to display in a document library, and tips to choose which column to display in a document library. There are also handy tips on how to arrange the columns in a document library.

How to Change the Default Link Type for Sharing Files and Folders in SharePoint Online?

Sharing files and folders with a link in SharePoint and OneDrive is a popular feature. Learn how to change the default link type for sharing files and folders in SharePoint Online. You can also learn how to restrict domains in external sharing in SharePoint Online.

How does Search Works in SharePoint Online?

Search features and abilities are abundant in SharePoint and Office 365. This week’s SharePoint and Office 365 tips show you how search works in SharePoint Online, and what are the benefits of Cloud Hybrid Search for SharePoint.

SharePoint design principles

This week’s SharePoint tips gives you information about creating a site design and some of the main characteristics of the SharePoint design principles. You can also get some useful tips on authoring pages in a SharePoint Site.