How to Manage Microsoft Teams?

Topics: SharePoint Site, Microsoft Teams

Learn how to set up release option in Office 365, and how to create a team in Microsoft Teams from this week’s SharePoint Tips. You can also gain easy tricks to add a team owner and create a channel in Microsoft Teams. Have you accidentally made any change or any of your files got corrupted? See how you can restore OneDrive to a previous time.

How to set up release option in the Office 365 Admin Center?

  • Sign in to Office 365 using work or school account.
  • Go to the Office 365 Admin center.
  • Move to Settings > Organization Profile.
  • Select Edit located near Release preferences.
  • Choose Standard Release to disable targeted release.
  • Choose Targeted release for everyone to enable targeted release for everyone in your organization.
  • Choose Targeted release for selected users to provide targeted release only for selected users.
  • Click Next and confirm Yes after picking the desired options.
  • Skip to the last step.

How to create a team in Microsoft Teams?

  • Click Teams from the left side of the Teams Homepage.
  • From the bottom of the Teams list, choose Join or create a team.
  • Select Create Team from the Create a Team.
  • Next step is to invite users to join it.
  • Let Groups, Individual Users or the whole contact groups can be added to the newly created team.

Steps to add a team owner and create a channel

  • Spot a team already created and pick More Options > Manage team.
  • Go to the Members tab and discover people you wish to assign as team owners.
  • Select Owner, placed under Role.
  • Pick Add Channel from More Options to create a channel in the team.
  • Another option is to select Manage team and add a channel from the Channels.

How to restore OneDrive to a previous time?

  • Sign in to the account by visiting the OneDrive website.
  • If it’s a personal account, Choose Settings > Options.
  • Pick Restore your OneDrive from the left navigation.
  • For work and school accounts, click Settings > Restore your OneDrive.
  • Choose the date, review the activities you want to undo etc. from the Restore page.
  • Click Restore when you are finished configuring the restore options.

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