Manage Projects on A SharePoint Team Site

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SharePoint Team Sites can be utilized for project management by preparing them for specific tasks and processes. Learn how to manage projects on a SharePoint Team site by knowing tips to plan and manage a project.

How to manage projects on a SharePoint Team Site

  • To manage projects by assigning tasks to users, you need to add task lists and calendars to the Team Site.
  • Select Working on a deadline? tile on the Get started with your site web part.
  • Click on Add them to add Tasks and Calendar Apps to the Team Site.
  • Share files with your teammates or other relevant people.
  • You can now move to the Project Planning stage.

Tips to plan and manage a project

  • You need to add tasks and assign them to people as the first step.
  • To collect the necessary information, you may need to add different fields.
  • Add columns to the task list to capture the required information.
  • Using a project site is also a good way to handle projects.

How to add tasks and assign them to users

  • Add a simple checklist of tasks by clicking on the Tasks option on the Quick Launch of the site.
  • From the Tasks page, click on Edit.
  • Enter task names in the Task Name column of each task and Select Enter.
  • Fill the Due Date and Assigned to columns with appropriate information.
  • Click Stop.

Steps to add columns to the task list

  • From the Tasks page, select Add Column (+) option.
  • Choose the information type you wish to add from Number, Text, Person or Group, or Date and Time.
  • Choose More Column Type to add other information types not mentioned in the list.
  • Move the column left or right in the task list using the Modify View option from the Manage Views group on the List tab.