Manage Tasks From SharePoint Timeline

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Here are some tips on how to add tasks to a timeline in SharePoint, and steps to change the appearance of the timeline to a preferred manner. Learn how to indent or outdent tasks, and how to move tasks in the timeline.

How to add tasks to a timeline in SharePoint

  • After adding tasks to a project, go to Tasks page and select the task you want to add.
  • From the Tasks tab, click on Add to timeline option in the Actions
  • You can also perform this action by clicking on the (…) placed next to each task.
  • Choose Add to timeline from the box that appears.

Steps to change the appearance of the timeline.

  • Select the timeline by clicking on the title.
  • Change the size, font face, color, and format from the Timeline tab in the Font group by clicking on the bar.
  • Click on the bar or diamond and from the Font group on the Timeline tab, choose Highlight color to change the fill color.
  • To change the background color for the timeline, click on free space in the timeline and go to Font group in the Timeline
  • Choose Highlight color to pick the desired color.

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How to indent or outdent tasks in the task list

  • Click the space to the left of the checkbox for the task you want to indent or outdent.
  • You can also select multiple tasks by pressing Ctrl and clicking the space left to the checkboxes near as much as tasks you want.
  • You can then choose Indent or Outdent from Tasks tab in the Hierarchy group.
  • Alt+Shift+Right Arrow is the keyboard shortcut to indent, whereas Alt+Shift+Left Arrow outdents a selected task.

How to move tasks up and down in a task list

  • Select the task by clicking on the space to the left of the checkbox.
  • Drag the task to the desired position in the timeline.
  • This method works only when the tasks list is open for editing.
  • Alt+Shift+Up Arrow is the keyboard shortcut to move the task up and Alt+Shift+Down Arrow moves the task down.