How to Manage External Sharing in SharePoint?

Topics: SharePoint Tips, Extranet, SharePoint Team Site

This week’s SharePoint Tips teach you how to turn external sharing On/Off Globally for SharePoint Online and for individual site collections. It also shows how to let SharePoint sync with the OneDrive Sync Client, and steps to restore a previous document version.

How to turn external sharing On or Off globally for SharePoint Online?

By turning On external sharing, you can enable site collections for sharing. Global admins or SharePoint admins can perform this action.

  • Sign in to Office 365.
  • Go to the App Launcher Icon placed on the top left position and pick Admin.
  • Microsoft 365 Admin Center will open.
  • Go to Admin Centers in the left pane and pick SharePoint.
  • From the left pane, choose Sharing.
  • Select appropriate options from the Sharing outside your organization section.

How to change the external sharing status for individual site collections?

To make this change, you should be a SharePoint Online Admin.

  • Sign in to Office 365 > Go to App launcher Icon and choose Admin.
  • From the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, select Admin CenterSharePoint.
  • Select Try the Preview button and open SharePoint Admin Center
  • Click Site Management from the left pane and click on the desired site name.
  • Find Sharing Status on the right pane and click Change.
  • Click Save after choosing the right option.

How to let SharePoint sync with the OneDrive Sync Client?

The following steps enable users in your organization to easily sync SharePoint Online Team Sites with the OneDrive sync client. You should be a SharePoint Admin or Global Admin to perform these actions.

  • Sign in to Office 365 and choose Admin from the App Launcher.
  • Microsoft 365 Admin Center will be open. Go to Admin Center > SharePoint.
  • Click Settings and choose Show the sync button from the OneDrive Sync Button section.
  • Pick Start the new client option from the Sync Client for SharePoint section.
  • Click Ok.

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How to set up a library to require check-out of files in SharePoint?

Enable require check out of files in a library to control document collaboration. This is relevant especially when many numbers of users have access to a particular library.

  • Go to the library and choose Settings > Library Settings.
  • You can also go to the Library option on the ribbon and select Library Settings in the Settings Group.
  • Click on Version Settings placed under General Settings in the Settings page.
  • Go to Require Check Out section and click Yes under Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited?
  • Select Ok and go back to the Library Settings page.