What are the Latest SharePoint News Enhancements?

Topics: Office 365, Microsoft Teams

Written by Alex K Joseph

As of March 2019, SharePoint News is about to bring some innovative enhancements to ensure a wonderful experience to users across organizations. Being an exciting content distribution system, SharePoint News does a great job spreading organizational, team and personal news. Using the News feature, users can easily compose links and news articles that can be easily surfaced in Email, Microsoft Search, Microsoft Teams and Portals.

The latest SharePoint News Enhancements will make it easier for communicators to keep everyone inside departments, groups, and divisions updated about all latest developments and information. Let’s see what are the latest features!

Organize news

One of the biggest changes is that the user can now assign a custom order to display news. This will allow highlighting those high-value posts that require more visibility, or which are supposed to be giving more value to people.

Organize - News

Authoritative news

The news come from both official and authoritative sites. You can specify those sites that are supposed to be generating organization news, and they will be made distinguishable by presenting a color block on the title as a visual cue.

OrgNews - News

Page Templates

This new enhancement ensures that the pages that you are creating can be saved as a template for others to get started easily. If you are trying to create a new page, these templates along with some basic templates will be there to assist you.

New News Notifications

From March 2019, when you are following a site, you will be getting notifications for each news post they are generating. Moreover, in the nearest future, you will be able to send news notification via email as well. No doubt that it was never easier to keep your team up to date with news happening in your intranet system.

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