What Are The Stages In Setting Up A Site Design For Hub Sites

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Written by Alex K Joseph

A site design can be defined as single or multiple site scripts that SharePoint Runs when a particular site is connected with a hub site. The actions describe the changes that are needed to be applied to the new site. Adding nodes to the site navigation and creating a new list are best examples for such changes. The main functionality of the site design is to deliver custom actions and reusable lists. This lets users get started with their features at great speed.

In the case of organizations that are using Multi-Geo capabilities in Office 365, these hub site designs work only when the sites and hub sites are in the same geolocation. The Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator Roles in Office 365 are required for these instructions. There are mainly 3 stages in the process of setting up a site design for hub sites.

Creating a JSON script

The first stage includes the creation of a JSON script, adding it, and create the site design. Take note that, when you are creating a site design, it doesn't matter what site template you provide. It is usually 68' for communication site and 64' for the team site. The JSON script consists of all actions that need to be carried out when creating a new site, and SharePoint process each action in the list. After creating the site script you need to register it with SharePoint, and then create a site design so that it will be available when someone creates a new site using available templates.

Hub site design: Scope access

At the time when you create a site design, it will be available for all users. You can assign view rights for specific people to limit access only to a certain group of people. The best strategy to grant the view rights is as exactly the same as the principal applied to scope the hub site.

Set the design for the hub site

You can set the site design using two methods. The first one is using the following PowerShell Command:

Set-SPOHubSite https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/Marketing

-Title "Marketing Hub"

-LogoUrl https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/Marketing/SiteAssets/hublogo.png

-Description "Hub for the Marketing division”

-SiteDesignId "<ID>”

You can also do this task using a new option in the UI. Setting up a site design for hub sites is one of those tasks that add more efficiency and ease in the creation and deployment of SharePoint Sites. Ensure that you are taking the right steps and instructions to get everything in place. As we just spoke about efficiency, let's introduce you to Dock 365!

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