Why Credit Unions need a Customized SharePoint Intranet ?

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Written by Sneha Gopal

Intranets and  credit unions share a lot of similarities.  Wow, that's news ! Isn't it ? Let's get into the details. Unlike other financial institutions, members can influence  a credit union's operation. Thus, it is essential for credit unions to operate in a more collaborative  and transparent manner. Having said that, it was the same requirements that gave birth to Intranet. A platform where people can communicate, collaborate and create. 

Undoubtedly intranets can play a vital role in the success of a credit union. At the same time, picking up the right intranet solution is far from being easy.  Moving ahead, in case you are confused to choose between an intranet and SharePoint ? Perhaps, you should go for best of both the worlds i.e. a SharePoint Intranet Portal. Dock 365 is essentially what you need. A modern intranet solution powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. 

A well-designed intranet can benefit any organization irrespective of the size or type. When it comes to financial organizations like credit unions , a customized SharePoint modern Intranet is even more beneficial than  for any other organization.

Time-sensitive Information on the fingertips


When it comes to credit unions, employees should be able to easily access time-sensitive information like interest rates, value of financial commodities, which are subject to changes every minute or even second. Also, the information sources maybe scattered or unorganized. This is where a SharePoint intranet steps in. It communicates the information across the bullishness structure. In addition, the employees can access all the information sources in one location. Thus, helping them quickly access required information information to a complete a task. 

Enhanced Data Security 


Data Security has a unrivaled importance in any industry. With Dock, you can just sit back and relax when it comes to data security. Powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, each and every customer gets data security backed by Microsoft. Awesome isn't it ??

Empowered Employees


With Dock 365, not only does it become easier for employees to find relevant information but also for credit unions to distribute important/new information  to its employees. This will empower the workforce with the necessary resources to complete a job or close a deal. Further, it ensures that the employees are well-aware of any changes or updates to a particular policy or even document

Managing Policies and Procedures 


Built on SharePoint, Dock comes with a robust document management portal. But when it comes to credit unions mere document storage will not suffice as compliance is regulated by federal and state law. Thus, we  created policies and procedures portal that provides a space wherein a  credit union can store, update, search  all of their policies and procedures documents, ensuring compliance across their entire organization.

Streamlined Workflow

With a well-configured intranet, employees of credit unions can easily communicate and collaborate. Further the entire process of seeking approvals and permissions can be dramatically simplified. This can be achieved  by creating forms and applying suitable workflows. 

Cost-saving Solution


It is now no news that financial institutions like credit unions rely heavily on paperwork to meet their business needs as well as regulatory requirements. With a SharePoint Modern Intranet portal, a big chunk of the paperwork can be moved into an electronic format. Documents, forms and other resources can be stored online and viewed. This is highly cost-effective when compared to the costs associated with physical storage, printing, photocopying, etc.

Customized SharePoint Intranets give a competitive edge to Credit Unions & other Financial institutions. 

At Dock 365, we have worked with numerous credit unions and financial institutions over the year. Keeping in mind, your individual requirements, we developed customized SharePoint modern intranet solutions exclusively for your business structure. 

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