How to Improve Employee Productivity in Your Credit Union

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Written by Jessica Northey

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In a financial institution, it’s difficult to improve employee productivity while still guaranteeing accuracy and compliance. You’ll want to speed your employees work up, while still making sure that they are error-free. An intranet is the perfect solution to both these processes.

By creating an organized space to store policies and procedures, compliance documents and your other important information, an intranet makes it faster and easier for your employees to find what they need.

Making compliance information readily available helps your employees to seek help when they need it. If your employee has to search through several three-ring binders to find a compliance document to complete a 10-second task, chances are they will take a chance and rely on memory. If the same employee can search any keyword related to the document on their computer and have the document appear instantaneously, they are much more likely to read through the instructions, ensuring the task is completed correctly.

This storage and search feature can improve productivity two-fold. First, employees spend less time finding the documents that matter. Then they spend even less time because they no longer have to spend any time doing the same task more than once to make up for mistakes.

Knowledge Management System

The solid foundation of your SharePoint intranet portal is how your Knowledge Management System (KMS) is setup for success. It’s defined as: “the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. It refers to a multidisciplinary approach to achieving organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge.”

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Incorporating New Technology

Your credit union probably has a set of business practices that generally work for you. There are probably countless binders and handbooks, one for each employee’s desk, that ensure compliance and meet regulations. This is your status quo and at first glance, there may not be a reason to change it.

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Must-Have Intranet Features

Intranet portals have always been a savior for organizations by ensuring higher levels of productivity, communication and coordination within the employees and yes of course, compliance! To be precise, SharePoint Intranet Portals have played a great role in enhancing document management and other banking related workflows effectively.

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How Financial Institutions Benefit with a Custom Intranet

Financial institutions usually have challenging requirements in their company intranet. Between stringent federal and state policies and extremely detailed customer needs, banks and credit unions require a unique intranet. Read more about How Financial Institutions Benefit from Customized SharePoint Intranet.

customized intranet for banks

How Dock Can Help

Imagine your credit union team with 100% compliance and a completely error-free week. With an intranet in place, this isn’t a far-off dream. Several credit unions around the U.S. have implemented Dock’s SharePoint intranet and are seeing the results in their teams.

Integrated workflows with SharePoint will ensure that standardized procedures are always completed correctly. If employees are completing the same set of tasks day in and day out, it’s understandable that complacency may cause them to miss steps. Dock and SharePoint solve this problem with automated workflows. These are pre-established automation that make sure each step of a process is completed in order. For example, if every loan request gets sent to an underwriter, then once approved, to a manager, then once approved, back to the original employee, a workflow can automate this process. It will send each step to the correct person, alleviating the opportunity for mistakes or forgotten steps.


Because Dock is built on the power of Microsoft SharePoint, you don’t have to worry about the security of your very sensitive data. Your data will either live on your company’s server (where it currently, if you use SharePoint on-prem) or in Microsoft’s cloud servers (if you subscribe to Office 365). This means that your sensitive customer data will never be touched by Dock’s team.

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Your security measures like which employees can view which documents, will stay in place as they are, and if you need help making these choices and implementing them, our team of experts will assist you in building a credit union intranet to meet your specific business needs.

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