Why Your Company Needs a Digital Work-space

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Written by Dock SharePoint Evangelist

Why your Company needs Digital Workspace


So, you’ve heard the words “Digital Work-space” and you’re thinking “Why do I need a digital work-space when I already have a perfectly good office work-space?” It seems to make sense, right? If you have a great office space, you don’t need a digital one, right? Wrong!

What is a Digital Work-space?

The real truth is many companies already have the beginnings of a strong digital work-space. In the early stages a it may be a shared file drive, consistent email communication, IMing software or maybe a shared Google Doc.

Dock transforms those early stage online work features into a full digital work-space. By combining the cloud-based productivity features of Office 365 with a full-featured intranet, Dock takes your office and puts it online. Now your employees can connect anywhere, anytime. Whether your team members are separated by three or four cubicles or three or four thousand miles, it can bring your employees together to improve their communication.

How? By introducing productivity features like document real-time collaboration, company-wide news blogs and easy-to-access policies and procedures, you take all the most vital parts of your company and put them online. Empower your teams to work together more smoothly by giving them collaboration tools.

Document Management

Dock is an intranet platform built on the power of Office 365 and SharePoint. Dock’s core functionality is built upon the tenets of document management, so that is what Dock does best. You’ll be able to safely and securely upload every document that makes your business run. Don’t leave your employees wasting time looking up the same policies and procedures binder every day, put it in your easy-to-navigate intranet. Making these documents easy to access helps ensure accuracy.

Better Communication

The first step to ensuring your intranet is a digital work-space is empowering your team to communicate. In many modern office settings, coworkers are no longer separated by merely a few cubicles, instead they are oftentimes separated by a few hundred miles. Providing an intranet platform that allows for strong and open communication can bridge the gap of those few hundred miles and make your employees’ worlds a little bit smaller.

Dock intranet helps bridge these gaps by creating a platform that integrates modern communication in every process. Memos become company-wide news blogs, document editing chain emails become one collaborative document, one-on-one training moves into digital, communicative classes. By creating open opportunities to communicate on every project or subject, Dock eases the flow of communication, making it feel like everything is happening in person.

Easier Search with a Marketing Portal

Somewhere, in some physical corner of your workplace, there is a filing cabinet filled with all the documents that keep your business running—hard copies of vendor contracts, client contracts, employment documents, tax papers and other very important documents. Each of your employees also has a folder or cabinet full of their important documents like commission sheets, offer letters, handbooks and guidelines.

Create your digital workplace with a place to safely and securely store all these documents. Choosing an intranet built on the power of SharePoint means your intranet comes with a virtual filing cabinet to organize and store vital information for your team.


Empower collaboration by giving your employees an easier path to sharing documents. How many times have documents been passed between your employees so much that the most updated document goes missing so employees make changes to outdated versions and create a massive confusion? This happens in nearly all modern offices. Dock and SharePoint put a halt to this with version control and real-time collaboration. Your intranet could have the power to make sure that the most recent document is the one being edited. 

Improve Organization

Many intranets put organization tools in their list of features without explaining what those tools are or how they will help you. Your intranet should improve your organization by creating a well-organized, easy to access space to store your documents and files for your entire company.

Dock Intranet is built on the power of SharePoint, a Microsoft document management program included in Office 365. This means that Dock was built on a program specifically intended to store your documents. With Dock and Office 365, once you upload all of your documents they’ll live safely in the Microsoft Cloud. By uploading your documents into your intranet, you improve organization in a few ways. First, your documents live in the cloud so they are accessible from any computer by and person with the correct login information. Even better, Dock has an enhances search capability so once your documents are uploaded they can be searched by any details and easily found.

Encourage Strong Relationships

This is another big promise in many intranets. Somehow, they expect you to believe that once you install your intranet, your employees will automatically have stronger, more powerful working relationships. The truth is, intranets lay the groundwork for stronger employee relationships by creating an easier path for employees to communicate.

Dock is a true collaboration platform, meaning our intranet integrates places for communication at every step of the work day. Sharing documents, blogging, making announcements, collaborating on documents simultaneously, and discussing work has never been easier. Dock also integrates with Yammer, a social media site included with Office 365 that encourages employees to communicate in open, friendly ways.

Uncluttered Work Processes

If your business is like many businesses around the world, your simple business processes have remained pretty much the same over your time in business. Many intranets promise to revolutionize your business by creating all new business processes.

Dock aims to revolutionize your business processes by simply uncluttering them. Dock streamlines your most hectic business processes like paid time off requests and travel requests by integrating workflow which make these processes completely automated. These automated processes lower the margin of error by making it nearly impossible to skip steps.

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