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5 Business Situations Where You'll Want Your Business On the Cloud

9/14/18 8:23 AM / by Dock SharePoint Evangelist posted in SharePoint Online, Microsoft OneDrive



For every decision made for your business, it must be weighed against the effect on efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. No doubt you chose your location, computer network, and inventory suppliers based on these policies along with almost every other aspect of the business. Naturally, you need offices that enhance your team's productivity and software that makes tedious office tasks faster and more enjoyable. Every time you make a change, you decide the best move based on what it will do for your product quality, marketing value, customer satisfaction, overhead costs and how you manage your business documents should fit right into your modern digital strategy.

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How to Use Microsoft PowerApps for Great Business Solutions - Features of a SharePoint CRM App

9/3/18 9:46 AM / by Dock SharePoint Evangelist posted in Power Apps


Businesses are looking for ways to streamline their operations while using easy, intuitive software that already integrates with existing systems. For this reason, Microsoft PowerApps are being adopted rapidly. They work perfectly with basic Word, Excel and Powerpoint tools. Additionally, they can be built on top of Sharepoint to accelerate use of that tool. Many companies are now building a CRM app into Sharepoint with considerable positive effects. There are a few important functions that are built into this CRM application.

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Five Advantages of a Dedicated Marketing Portal

8/20/18 3:32 PM / by Dock SharePoint Evangelist posted in Employee Productivity, SharePoint Intranet Portal


Why is organizing your marketing efforts so critical? "Because one aspect of a marketing plan affects all of the others, coordinating your activities is critical to eliminating interference and maximizing your profits," stated the Small Business Chronicle.

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