5 Impressive Features of SharePoint Team Sites in Office 365

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Written by Sneha Gopal

Wondering how to best use and configure your SharePoint team site to collaborate and communicate with both team members and partners, manage tasks, share reports, track events and much more. This blog post is a  guide to help you better leverage the SharePoint team site. 

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Build a SharePoint team site in just seconds

Now create group-connected SharePoint team sites in seconds. Unbelievable right? Once you create a group, Office 365 provides the group

  • A shared inbox
  • Calendar
  • OneNote notebook
  • Team site document library (a default place files) 
  • Planner for task management

And now a modern team site comes with pages, lists, libraries and team news thus enabling a group to collaborate and communicate better.


To create SharePoint team sites connected to Office 365 Groups click the Create site button on the SharePoint home page in Office 365.

As shown in the image above, enter the required information in the two-step creation wizard:

Step 1

  • Title of the team site
  • Select whether the group will be public or private
  • Choose site classification & preferred language
  • Click Next

 Step 2

  •  Enter the owners and members
  • Click Finish

Viola! You are done.

Your site, your brand

Customize the look of your SharePoint site to reflect your brand's values and ethos. Choose one of the default SharePoint themes and customize it as per your requirements by adjusting style and colors and adding logos, videos, slide shows, and more.

  • Choose a company theme 
  • Use one of the classic experience designs
  • Site headers allow adjustment of layout options, logo and background choices
  • Site footers allow logo, text and links to be added to the bottom of the pages. 


Easy External Sharing

Most organizations perform work that involves collaborating, communicating and sharing documents with vendors, clients, or customers.Now use the external sharing feature of SharePoint Online to share content with external users. You can control, track and report the sites that can share externally. Depending on your need, let external users access only the files you want them to view, download or share. 




Planner integration

Task management is a crucial everyday business task and it is the most efficient when your team has access to everything it needs in one place. Now manage all your tasks and content in one place, all thanks to the Planner integration.You can use an existing Planner plan or create an entirely new plan directly from within SharePoint. Use the “+New” button to add a Planner plan just like adding a new page, list, library or news.Based on what task information is most relevant to your team, choose between the Planner Board or Charts view to appear on your page. 


Connect your existing team site to a new Office 365 group (groupify)  

Enable your SharePoint team site to leverage the superpowers from other integrated apps using one click to groupify. Transform your existing SharePoint team sites by connecting them to new Office 365 groups. 


  • Go to the gear icon menu in the upper-right of your site
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Connect t New Office 365 Group

Now provide enhanced group capabilities to all team members. In addition to the benefits like using modern pages, lists and libraries already available in your classic sites, connecting your site to an Office 365 group provides benefit from all other shared group-connected apps such as

  • Outlook for a group inbox and calendar
  • Planner for task management
  • OneNote for team meeting notes and much more


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