A Quick Guide to Customize Reports in Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics

Topics: Office 365, Office 365 Adoption

Written by Alex K Joseph

Microsoft 365Usage Analytics is a fantastic source to get information on how your employees are adopting Microsoft Office 365 services. Visualize and analyze the data to see what can be done to help them work better. You can also create custom reports and share the insight within your organizations for planning and executing processes to make Office 365 adoption successful. This is a quick guide to customize reports in Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics to make them work better.



It is through a dashboard in Power BI, Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics insights are shared. The dashboard allows you to interact with the data and allow customization of reports to achieve more personalized insights.

Modifying an existing visual

Let’s first see how to modify an existing visual from a browser.

Go to the dashboard, and in the Understanding adoption area, click on the Adoption Overview Card. Choose Edit report from the top navigation. Click on Duplicate this page from the top right portion. Click on the title bar of the Adoption overview graph. You shall find it on the top right of the report. You can see Visualizations area on the right. For the FirstTimeUsers column, click the X to the right to remove it. From the Adoption overview visual, click on the pin visual icon, and select Pin > Existing dashboard.

Return to the dashboard by clicking on the Office 365 Adoption link on the top of your browser. If you are prompted to save changes to the report, choose Don’t save. Find the visual you just saved in the bottom of the dashboard. You shall drag it to the top of the dashboard. It is also possible to delete the original Adoption overview card if needed.

Creating a new visual

Let us show you an example of how to create a new visual to track new Yammer users on a monthly basis.

Select Yammer – Any active users card from the Communication area of the dashboard. Choose Edit report in the top navigation. Create a new page by clicking on the New Page + icon at the bottom. Select Stacked column chart from the Visualizations area. Drag to make it larger if needed. Expand the Calendar table in the Fields area. Drag MonthName to the fields area and expand the TenantProductUsage table in the Fields area.

You shall also drag the FirstTimeUsers to the fields area and drag Product to the filters area. Filter type area will appear, and you need to check the Yammer check box. Click on the Format icon placed below the list of visualizations. You need to expand tile and change the Title Text value to First-Time Yammer Users by Month. Change the Text size value to 12 and click the Pin visual icon. Click on Pin > Existing dashboard from the dialog box that appears. Go to the dashboard and locate the visual you just created.

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