Amazing Benefits of SharePoint Sales Portal

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Written by Sneha Gopal

 “While it is sometimes difficult to draw the line at where the marketing process ends, and the sales efforts begin, the sales effort is the effort that actually collects the money… or the obligation to buy”

When it comes to the growth of any organization, it is undoubtedly the sales department that plays a vital role. It converts potential customers into loyal customers, who trust your brand. But a sales team that works in an unorganized manner can bring more harm than good to the organization. Is Sales Management a big headache for your business? Wave goodbye those headaches with a custom SharePoint Intranet Portal.

Dock’s Sales Portal is a valuable addition to your digital workplace. It is a comprehensive solution that offers all the benefits of a CRM application, improves collaboration, optimizes sales team knowledge and sharing. 

A quick video overview



Dock’s easy-to-use sales portal not only helps your team track opportunities but also ensures that have all the essential resources to perform well.

  • A mini-CRM to help your sales team
  • Manage and collaborate on contacts, leads and opportunities
  • A sales-only calendar and document library
  • Analyze your team’s performance with Power BI
  • Convenient space to store all your documents


Manage your Sales Data with ease

Using Dock, users are empowered with SharePoint Online. Your sales team can easily access data like contracts, reports and quotes from anywhere in the world. Team members can collaborate and work on the same document. Thus, increasing productivity.

 Sales Portal

Easy CRM Management

In this connected world, delivering a great customer experience is the key to business success, brand loyalty. It helps your brand stand apart and build a healthy relationship with customers.  To help you with this, we have developed an intelligent CRM Power App.

The app utilizes Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 intranet tools to help you manage sales opportunities. Your sales team can easily access required information irrespective of factors like geographical location, device size and type. Further, gain crucial business insights that help you make informed business decisions.


PowerApps on the go

We have a dedicated internal app space to carry out integration with apps you are already using. In addition, we have also developed custom apps to help you manage sales tasks. InstaExpense is one such app developed by us for hassle-free expense reporting.


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