How Can a Custom SharePoint Intranet Bring Value to Your Business?

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Written by Sneha Gopal

SharePoint, an Office 365 family member celebrated its 17th anniversary this year has become key to the successful running of a productive digital workplace for many organizations. With collaboration at its core, SharePoint is being used by over 160 million users and 75,000 organizations worldwide. It has hands down emerged as the preferred Company Intranet choice for organizations

Workplaces are transforming in the blink of an eye with flexible working hours, employees being encouraged to go off-site avoiding the stress of daily commute and being confined in cubicles of yesteryear.

 “Did Sajin in Jacksonville check the document?” “Did Jen in London read the comments I made on that project report?”

Working in a corporate with colleagues around the world is fascinating and offers unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow but flip side of the coin is that even corporates have limitations and drawbacks.

According to Gallup, the number of actively disengaged employees at work has dropped between 2009 and 2017 from 26% to 17%. However, on the other hand the number of truly engaged employees has not gone up with decrease in the number of actively “disengaged” people.

The statistics are clearly indicative of the fact that there is a lot of untapped potential in workplaces. As business landscape continues to evolve and information being produced at a staggering rate, organizations need to make the leap to create better workplace experience, engage employees, improve collaboration, processes and productivity with a collaboration tool. Wondering how your business can accomplish this?  Well, with Dock 365-a customizable SharePoint Intranet Portal.

Dock is not just a secure intranet platform for your organization but a platform that enables your employees to innovate, discover, organize, collaborate, communicate and connect effectively anywhere at any time on a device of their choice.

Customizable Intranet Home Page


Intranet Homepage

Dock enables you to fully customize your homepage to reflect your brand values and cater specific business requirements. This is where employees will kickstart their day and access alerts, news and other information. You can even highlight employee birthdays, work anniversaries, new events along with social media plugins.



HR Portal

Redefine and reinvent the human aspect for your business with Dock’s HR portal. 

  • Streamline workflow to simplify time-consuming and vital processes
  • Assist HR professionals with employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Track employee data, documents and recruitment process
  • Better employee management
  • Get access to a relevant and robust resume database
  • Enable employees to access announcements, employee data, policies, forms, and documents independently
  • Automate notifications and tasks
  • Assign, track, and manage request

Training Portal

With Dock, create an immersive learning experience for your employees.

  • Provide easy access to all courses and resources to facilitate teaching and learning in the same place
  • Easily discoverable training programs
  • Reward your employees
  • Track employee certification

Sales Portal

A next-gen operational portal that offers all the benefits of a mini-CRM. Help your sales team track opportunities, manage and collaborate on resources like contracts leads and contacts.

  • Easy sales data, quotes and contracts management
  • Analyze team performance with Business Intelligence Dashboard powered by Microsoft PowerBI
  • Convenient storage space for all your documents
  • Customized CRM apps on the go

IT Portal

The IT portal is a comprehensive solution that helps provide better IT service to employees and optimize productivity.

  • Easily manage IT requests
  • Track compliance 
  • Ensure IT security
  • Document library management
  • Customizable help desk features

Marketing Portal

Enable your marketing team to organize, manage and collaborate using a single portal

  • Easily manage digital and print assets
  • Quick access to brochures, reports, logos, content
  • Review and monitor social media channels
  • Manage all your marketing needs with one portal 

Project Management Portal

Enjoy a seamless project management experience with Dock.

  • Get all project management tools in one centralized location
  • Personalized portfolio dashboard showcasing work summary, goals and project status
  • Automate alerts to send reminders to team members and project stakeholders
  • Easily track tasks, data and reporting by team members

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