Everything You Want to Know About the Power of Microsoft Graph API

Topics: SharePoint Business Process Automation

Written by Jessica Northey

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You can use the Microsoft Graph API to interact with the data of millions of users in the Microsoft cloud. Use Microsoft Graph to build apps for organizations and consumers that connect to a wealth of resources, relationships, and intelligence, all through a single endpoint: Microsoft Graph.

What's in the graph?

Microsoft Graph is made up of resources connected by relationships. For example, a user can be connected to a group through a member relationship, and to another user through a manager relationship. Your app can traverse these relationships to access these connected resources and perform actions on them through the API.

You can also get valuable insights and intelligence about the data from Microsoft Graph. For example, you can get the popular files trending around a user, or get the most relevant people around a user.

Rich Context

Get rich context for your applications, such as who someone's manager is, whether they are out of office, or what documents they've been working on.

Deep Insights

Access deep insights generated from usage patterns, such as trending documents, best team meeting times, or who people typically work with.

Real-time Updates

Respond to changes in Microsoft Graph data in real time. Reschedule a meeting based on responses, notify others when a file is modified, or continue a process after it's been approved.

Broad Reach

Build solutions that target enterprise users in Azure and Office 365, consumers on Office Online (Outlook.com and OneDrive.com), or both.

Microsoft Graph API is the gateway for:

  • Azure AD
  • Excel
  • Intune
  • Outlook
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • SharePoint
  • Planner

Discover the possibilities in the relationships within Microsoft Graph.



What can you do with Microsoft Graph?

You can use Microsoft Graph to build experiences around the user's unique context to help them be more productive. Imagine an app that...

Looks at your next meeting and helps you prepare for it by providing profile information for attendees, including their job titles and who they work with, as well as information on the latest documents and projects they're working on.

Scans your calendar, and suggests the best times for the next team meeting.

Fetches the latest sales projection chart from an Excel file in your OneDrive and lets you update the forecast in real time, all from your phone.

Subscribes to changes in your calendar, sends you an alert when you’re spending too much time in meetings, and provides recommendations for the ones you could miss or delegate based on how relevant the attendees are to you.

Helps you sort out personal and work information on your phone; for example, by categorizing pictures that should go to your personal OneDrive and business receipts that should go to your OneDrive for Business.

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