How Credit Unions Can Manage Policies and Procedures using SharePoint Intranet?

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Written by Sneha Gopal

Unlike other businesses, financial organizations like banks and credit unions require a customized intranet solution that can meet their challenging requirements. Everyday business activities in such organizations include managing ever-growing list of documents including policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with stringent federal and state policies and catering to the variegated requirements of customers. Phew ! that's a lot right ?? 

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of Credit Unions and Banks, we at Dock 365 have developed an exclusive Policies and Procedures Portal. It is a centralized repository where all the policies, procedures and other relevant documents can be stored. Thus, making it easy for employees to find, view, edit relevant documents as and when required. 


Dock 365- Policies and Procedures Portal


Thinking of storing your policies & procedures outside of SharePoint?

Well, why pay extra for an all-new storage system that works in a completely different manner and requires you to train your employees to get the job done? All you need is Dock 365-An intuitive and clean SharePoint Intranet Portal  to meet all your organizational needs. 

Our customizable Polices and Procedures Portal comes with a wide gamut of features. Let's explore a few of them. 


Policies and Procedures Management


Despite having a well-designed and robust document management portal, we decided to create an exclusive portal for financial institutions as compliance is something vital for their very existence. The portal is a dedicated space to store, utilize, search and update all the policies and procedures documents at the same time ensuring compliance across the team.



PP new


Make use of tagging feature to refine content search results for your employees. Your employees will no longer waste hours searching for a particular document. Just add desired tags to your documents and easily find required content.Other than department tags, we have a different set of tags specifically developed for credit unions, banks and other financial organizations.

  • Mortgage
  • Investments
  • Loans and Credit Cards
  • IRA Forms
  • Personal Loan 
  • Telephone Banking
  • Mobile Banking 
  • Money Market
  • Stocks
  • Savings Accounts 


Different Views of your Policies

Present the policies and procedures list  in different ways that you and your team likes. Right from 3 column to single row, there are a lot of view options to choose from.


Take Policies on the go

Easily work on your polices and procedures documents no matter whether you are in your office cubicle or at the airport. Do more with Dock 365!!


Powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, Dock offers much more compared to other solutions when it comes to managing policies and procedures for financial organizations. Policy Versioning, Enhanced data security, Instant notifications on policy amendments, co-authoring documents and much more.


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