How to Create a PowerApp using SharePoint List?

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Written by Sneha Gopal

SharePoint lists are used by teams around the world to access, share, and collaborate around structured data. Enhancing the capability further, Microsoft has endowed users with a powerful capability to build apps utilizing SharePoint lists as a data source using PowerApps. 

PowerApps has radically transformed the way organizations connect, build and share custom business apps with other employees and stakeholders in minutes across devices.

Let's explore how to create a PowerApp using a SharePoint List:



  • To begin with navigate to the list where you want to create a PowerApp
  • One way to do that is to  click the Settings Settings icon → Site Contents.
  • Now you can see all the contents of your SharePoint site, including all of the lists.
  • Click on the  desired list you want to use as a data source for your PowerApp 

Capture 32

 An example of SharePoint List 


  • Next Click on PowerApps →Customize Forms


Capture 22

  • You will be redirected to PowerApps Studio and you can see the form as shown in the screenshot below

Capture 23

  • As depicted in the screenshot below, you can see the data source.

Capture 24

  • Moving ahead, on the left-hand side , you can edit and add different fields in the form as per your requirements
  • Click on Properties →Fields 

Capture 25

  • Check or uncheck any of the fields to add or remove them. You can even drag and drop the required fields.
  • Going forward, let's add a tile bar to the form, Click on Icons and grab a rectangle 

Capture 27

  • Click on Text in the upper pane to add text in the title bar

Capture 28


As seen in the screenshot above under Label,  you can add text, change its font, color. font size , width,etc to improve the aesthetic look for the user. c 29
  • Once you are done, Click File → Save→Publish to SharePoint and confirm the same


Capture 31

  • Now, refresh the page, click on the New Button and ta-da you see the form!

Capture 33

Easy to use, It is a nice way for the users to have a better experience with their lists and  when submitting things to a list. 

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