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How to Delight Your Employees with A SharePoint Intranet?

7/8/19 9:14 AM / by Alex K Joseph

SharePoint and Office 365 are getting new updates and features every year. As a result, the intranets powered SharePoint and Office 365 will be able to delight its users will cool features that not only instills ease of use, but they guarantee great productivity. The main goal behind all the enhancements is to offer better collaboration and communication facilities to users. Today, we would like to give you a brief idea about those features that can be utilized to delight your employees with a SharePoint Intranet.

News from Multiple Sources

News web part can deliver updates and news contents from different sources. Today you can select those locations from where you want to drag news content. This makes it easier to showcase only relevant news content before users.


Sometimes you need to draw the attention of another user immediately to news content or document you are creating. Apart from sharing a link to them, you just use @Mentions to instantly send them a notification about the content. Just enter @ following their name and the user will be notified via email instantly.

Yammer Web Part

Yammer is part of the SharePoint Intranets in order to make communications and interactions easier and engaging. The enterprise social network was stagnant for some time in terms of relevance, but the recent Yammer Web Part made it more impressive. Likes, shares and @mention functions make the Yammer web part livelier.

Improved SharePoint Mobile App

All recent SharePoint and Office 365 updates are made for making the user-experience easier and more effortless. Even the improved SharePoint Mobile App is proposed to make the user informed about everything happening around, and to allow them to stay connected to people, documents, and sites all the time.

About Dock 365 Intranet Portal

Dock is a Pre-Built intranet portal for your organization. It is powered by Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365. Dock also comes with project management, contract management, and many other business productivity features. Dock creates sustained, connections and conversations across the organization, promoting better employee experience and organizational performance.

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