Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics and Intranet Portal Software

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Offices 365 is a set of fantastic services that enrich your organization’s communication and collaboration abilities. Many organizations are already using Microsoft 365 capabilities for their intranet portal software and collaboration needs. You can utilize the Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics within Power BI to get valuable insights on how your organization is adopting various Office 365 services. Want to know what are the information and actions you can perform using this feature? Here it is:

  • Visualize and analyze Office 365 usage data
  • Gain insights about how specific regions or departments are using Office 365 to improve their efficiency.
  • Creating custom reports and share the insights for making the insights accurate.

What is Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics?

It is a content pack that provides access to a pre-built dashboard which delivers a cross-product view of the last 12 months. It consists of several pre-built reports, and the reports give useful usage insights. The content pack is powered by a data model which includes user attributes from Active Directory. This enables the ability to pivot in certain reports. Here is the list of reports included in the Microsoft 365 Usage analytics.

Adoption Overview Report

You will get a full summary of the adoption trends from this report. Utilize this report to learn how your employees have adopted various Office 365 services and the usage graph of each service month-by-month.An Intranet Portal Software powered by Microsoft will have a much better adoption rates.

Product Usage Report

It can be exploited to review how your users are utilizing Office 365. With this report, you can get a drill-down view of the volume of key activities for each of the services.

Communication Report

See whether your employees prefer to use Email, Skype Calls, Yammer, and Teams. Follow the pattern of using these communication tools and understand the shifts in their preferences and take necessary actions. Organizations which are using an intranet portal software saw a better communication culture among their employees.

Storage Used Report

This report helps you to track cloud storage for mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint sites. This report can help you to analyses whether the users in your organizations are staying within the limits or is there a requirement to buy more storage resources.

There are 5 more reports made available by the Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics, which we will be continuing to explain in the next part. For now, you can also make a good understanding of Dock 365, the best SharePoint Intranet Portal that will make your organization work smarter.

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