SharePoint Trends and Techniques

Microsoft SharePoint is getting smarter and better each day. We will keep you updated with all exceptional capabilities and improvements SharePoint is turning into reality. Let's become more productive!

How to manage Custom Views in SharePoint?

Ready to learn new SharePoint tips and tricks? This week’s SharePoint Tips let users customize the appearance of the modern website, and to star rate documents and items based on user feedback. Also, learn about the search options, and permissions required to perform the customizations.

How to Manage Hub Sites in SharePoint?

Organizing and Connecting SharePoint sites are made easy with Hub Sites. Hub Sites allow you to organize sites based on projects, region, departments etc. This week’s SharePoint Tips is all about creating, setting up, and defining site design for Hub sites.

How to Manage External Sharing in SharePoint?

This week’s SharePoint Tips teach you how to turn external sharing On/Off Globally for SharePoint Online and for individual site collections. It also shows how to let SharePoint sync with the OneDrive Sync Client, and steps to restore a previous document version.

How to manage Office 365 Group access to SharePoint Sites?

By following this week's SharePoint Tips and Tricks you can learn to connect an Office 365 Group to a SharePoint Site, and stop sharing OneDrive or SharePoint files or folders or change permissions. There is also information on changing your contact preferences for communications from Microsoft, and steps to add a tab with a link to an existing SharePoint Site or SharePoint Library to your Microsoft Teams.

How to Manage Web Parts in a SharePoint Page

Web parts can be used as building blocks of SharePoint pages. There are plenty of web parts available with different functionalities and purposes. You can use them to add text, dynamic content, video, files and lot more to a page. Here you will find information on how to add, move, and remove a web part. Also, learn about the web part maintenance page in SharePoint Online 2019.
Spot the page to which you want to add the web part.

SharePoint Document Version Control and Wild Card Search

Learning new things gives immense joy! Learn cool SharePoint tips and hacks here that will make your life easier. This week is all about Document Version Control, Wild Card Search, Document Check-In & Check-Out.

The Highlighted Content Web Part

This week we will give you some tips and tricks to use the Highlighted content web part well. Learn how to add the highlighted content web part to a page, and steps to assign content to it.

SharePoint design principles

This week’s SharePoint tips gives you information about creating a site design and some of the main characteristics of the SharePoint design principles. You can also get some useful tips on authoring pages in a SharePoint Site.

Techniques to Customize a SharePoint Site

Knowing how to make your SharePoint Online 2019 site look different is important. This week, we would like to talk about different techniques to customize a SharePoint Site.

Get Started with Microsoft Planner

Last week we shared tips to get started with Microsoft Planner. Now let’s give you more insight to utilize plans more effectively. Learn how to add people to a plan and steps to assign tasks to those people.

Share Office 365 Sites with External Users

Sharing documents, files, and other content with people within and outside your organization is an important process. You can share Office 365 sites with external users to make collaboration smooth.