SharePoint Trends and Techniques

Microsoft SharePoint is getting smarter and better each day. We will keep you updated with all exceptional capabilities and improvements SharePoint is turning into reality. Let's become more productive!

Tools That Make Microsoft SharePoint More Efficient

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to integrate a lot of tools to work more efficiently. The tips here cover some keyboard shortcuts and easy ways to bulk edit list item properties.

How to Work with SharePoint's Theming Engine

Let’s start the New Year by learning about SharePoint theming engine. Composed looks make it easy to brand SharePoint Sites. It allows customizing the sites by changing color, font and background image. Learn to execute the Composed Looks opportunities in SharePoint.

How to Manage SharePoint Library, SharePoint Blog, Office 365 Groups?

Learn how to manage documents and files more efficiently using Office 365 and SharePoint. This week’s SharePoint tips gives details about how to upload files to a Document Library, create SharePoint Blog, and steps to Add/Remove members from an Office 365 Group. Get access now!

Manage Projects on A SharePoint Team Site

SharePoint Team Sites can be utilized for project management by preparing them for specific tasks and processes. Learn how to manage projects on a SharePoint Team site by knowing tips to plan and manage a project.

Check Out and Check In Actions In SharePoint

When you want to update a file with new information, it is important to check out the file first and then make the changes. You can check in the file back to make it available for others to view and edit.