How to setup Wiki Sites with Structured Menus like a Pro?

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Written by Sajin Sahadevan

Hello everyone! Today, I will be writing about SharePoint Wiki sites with structured menu. This is a core requirement for every IT Department where they share User Guides/Wiki Pages related to software/work procedures. It’s very easy to create Wiki Pages in SharePoint. To get started, check out my video on “3 ways to build a knowledge base wiki in SharePoint”.

For those who haven’t heard about wikis, wiki is a site that is designed for groups of people to quickly capture and share ideas by creating simple pages and linking them together. Your organization can make use of wiki feature for various purposes. Especially for larger organizations, you will be able to share high volume of information in an Enterprise wiki site. For smaller organizations, a team site can be used as a wiki for gathering information about a project.

Let’s go ahead and setup a wiki site with structured menus.

P.S. You need to create a subsite first to get this started.

For example, in Dock Intranet Portal, we have an IT department portal. In IT Portal, you may create a subsite called Wiki sites.

1. Creating a wiki sites/libraries

To start working on Wiki Libraries, go to the Wikisites subsite created earlier.

Go to the gear button, select settings and click on App an App.

SharePoint Add an App

On your apps page, search for Wiki Page Library.

Add an App - Site Contents

Click on Wiki Page Library and give it a name.

Repeat the same process for the required number of Wiki pages as per your requirement.

2. Setting up the Wiki Site Structure

After creating all Wiki Pages/Sites, we have to setup the wiki site structure as shown below:

SharePoint Wiki Site


Go to the Wikisite subsite you had created earlier. Click on the gear button and select Site Settings.

Under Look and Feel, select Navigation.

Site Settings - Navigation

In the navigation settings, select Display the same navigation items as the parent site for Global Navigation.

Under Current Navigation, select Structural Navigation as shown in the image.

Site Settings - Navigation Settings

Select sort manually for Structural Navigation: Sorting.

You will be able to add wiki sites with headings in the Structural Navigation: Editing and Sorting section.

Move up and move down the desired Wiki Sites accordingly as shown in the image below:

Navigation Settings - SharePoint Wiki

Select OK.

Your wikisite is ready to go with structured menus on the left.

Wiki Site homepage

Easy, isn’t it? Well, give it a try then!

We have another blog post that tells you 'How to Create a Basic Knowledge Base Wiki in SharePoint Online'. Take a look an make a good insight about what is wiki sites, what are their benefits, how to use them and obviously how to create one. Hope you liked this post. Come back for more interesting SharePoint Blogs. 

Have a Great Day! 

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