How to Solve Three of SharePoint’s Most Troublesome Problems

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Written by Sajin Sahadevan

SharePoint is Microsoft’s premiere document management and storage program. At over 16 years old, SharePoint has established a reputation for both its trustworthiness as an Office 365 program but also for its stress-inducing issues. Let’s be honest, out-of-the-box SharePoint isn’t perfect—there are a lot of small issues that often lead users to seek help from a SharePoint expert. We’ve been working on SharePoint environments as long as SharePoint has been on the market.

In this article, we’re going to go over our solutions to three of the SharePoint concerns we hear most frequently from our clientele.

Problem: SharePoint’s interface just doesn’t make sense.

We here this all the time. You download SharePoint to fulfil the promise of all those great features that you just know will change the way your team works. When you download it though, you can’t figure out how to even start. It’s confusing, disorganized and doesn’t look like the fancy versions you watched people use on YouTube. A lot of times, this causes the non-IT users to quit before they ever get started.

Solution: customized SharePoint intranet interface.

Lucky for SharePoint users everywhere, companies have come up with easy solutions in the market. The SharePoint Intranet solutions doesn't look like SharePoint. There are over 100 solutions that comes with loads of features, however, the most important one is the interface itself. There are solutions that allows you to customize colors and templates. SharePoint Intranet Portals helps you from moving from a confused shell to organized document mangaement and transforming to a true digital, online office space.

Problem: I’ve uploaded my documents but now I can’t find them.

SharePoint’s entire out-of-the-box purpose is managing your documents. For this reason, it may come as a shock when it’s not very good at it. Many users upload their documents and get them tagged or organized in folders, which could take upwards of hours or even days. A few weeks later you go looking for your sales reports from the third quarter of 2016. You search for them. And keep searching. It’s taking ages and you can’t find them.

Solution: Enhanced SharePoint search capabilities.

There are customized search solutions built on top of SharePoint. There are enhanced search capabilities make it beyond easy to find whatever files you're looking for. When you upload documents, SharePoint helps to categorize them for searching three ways, simultaneously. First, it searches based on the document name. It will also search by the content within the document and whatever tags you have used. This gives you a three-point fail safe to find missing documents.Say for example, you upload that sales report but you forgot to tag it. It doesn’t matter what you name it as long as you can remember some of the content (for example, the document header: Sales Report, Q3 Sales report, etc).

Problem: Our SharePoint environment is launched and ready but no one is using it.

We hear this very frustrating problem at least once a week. You’ve launched your SharePoint, maybe even commissioned some customizations, and now no one will use it. You’ve sent emails, scolded your employees, and downright begged them to stop sending emails with attachments start using SharePoint.  Why won’t they just use it?

Solution: Ongoing training from SharePoint experts.

This is a simple problem. SharePoint is confusing, remember? You may have watched 6 hours of YouTube videos to figure out how to do the basic functions, but that doesn’t mean every single employee will. SharePoint Intranet Experts provide ongoing training and it’s always free. Companies are ready to train your team before launch and also hosts booster training sessions for groups that need extra help. When every team member can confidently use every feature of your SharePoint environment, adoption will be easier than ever. If you're looking for a dedicated information technology portal, you can find more information on our website

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