What Are the Highlights of Modern SharePoint News?

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Written by Alex K Joseph

The change from Classic to Modern SharePoint improved a lot of things. It was an inevitable change and it made everything better and wonderful. The best thing was that the users need no third-party apps or custom development to do tasks like creating a news feed in SharePoint. From that point, SharePoint News options have grown a lot. They are now in a mighty state which allows you to accomplish a lot more goals. Let’s give you a better insight into Modern SharePoint News Highlights.

Features of the Modern SharePoint News

Modern SharePoint News is all about user-friendly UI, integration with SharePoint Mobile App, multiple layout options that can fit any design needs, and most importantly options to make the news content interactive and looking impressive. There are many more factors that make Modern SharePoint News exceptional.

News Post Option Explained

SharePoint offers two main news options, News Post and News. Let’s learn about the News-Post Option First. News post basically lets you create an internal page to showcase news items. Get started by naming the page or topic header. Pick a layout and add an image. After setting up the title area, you can edit the page details pane. Pick the page layout and web parts to make the news post look perfect.

News Link Option Explained

News Link is the right option to share good content from an external source with your team. Enter the article URL, and the image, title and description will be retrieved automatically. You can make changes if necessary. Edit News Link Details and Page Details option can be used to assign a topic or to set other details.

News Digest

When you are generating or adding 5 or more news items, a link leading to the news archive will be automatically created. The Email a news digest option allows you to send a news digest to any set of users you prefer. It is a fantastic option to notify relevant people about events, updates and other news in an organization.

Other Highlights

There are also plenty of other highlights in the Modern SharePoint News. Enhanced mobile experience, news templates, and frequent updates and new feature introductions are all making Modern SharePoint News a fantastic experience.

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