Best Ways to Utilize Microsoft Forms

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Written by Alex K Joseph
Microsoft 365 comes with a bundle of apps and solutions. One app is called Forms.  Microsoft Forms is growing in popularity because of its visual data summary and ease of use. It has quickly become a fan favorite with our organization (Dock 365, Inc.). Perhaps some of the info in this article will help your organization also.
If you are not aware how to use Microsoft Forms, we can help!  This article contains the steps to build your first Form.


Check out the Forms visual data summary below.  
MS Forms demo blog results demo
The main purpose of Microsoft Forms is to provide templates for users to create and manage surveys, polls, quizzes. Microsoft Forms is easy to use, with an intuitive user interface (UI). Even if you have never used Forms, you can jump right in by the end of this article. Microsoft Forms can be used by educational institutions, merchants with repeat customers, and more. Let us tell you more about what is Microsoft Forms and how to use it.  Soon, you can create your first Form, like the one below.
MS Forms demo blog intro sample


Comparison of Forms to Microsoft Word

Forms is better than the antiquated example below that uses Word.  Word is great for documents, but if used in a poll or survey, Word requires manual data analysis.   

Answered employee questionnaire

Forms is better than Word because Forms automates data compilation and analysis.  Forms transforms data collected into visual results.  Forms is a better choice for obtaining responses on polls, quizzes, or collecting opinions and feedback.  Forms are popular in customer feedback, reviews, surveys and more. You can even use Forms to improve your products and services, and for organizing company events. 

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How to Create a Form

Knowing how to use Microsoft Forms allows you to get a lot of useful data and information easily.  Here are the steps to create a Form in Microsoft Forms. 

  1. Sign-in with your Microsoft 365 Work, Microsoft 365 School, or Microsoft account credentials.
  2. Open Forms.
  3. Click on the + icon to create a New Form.
  4. Enter text for a title and description to the Form.  Add a company logo (optional).MS Forms demo blog
  5. The next step is to add questions to the Form. Click + Add new.
  6. Click to choose a question type: Choice, Text, Rating, Date, File upload.MS Forms demo blog choices 
  7. There is a shortcuts menu at the top-right of the page containing Preview, Theme, Share.                MS Forms demo blog preview
  8. Click Preview to view the layout of the Form. The Form-creator can test the Form by entering answers to the questions, then click Submit. [Note: Form responses submitted by the Form-creator are compiled into the responses submitted by Form recipients.]MS Forms demo blog layout preview           
  9. Click Theme to select the color theme for title bar and buttons of the Form ("bright blue" is selected in the example shown above).
  10. Click Share to send the Form to recipients.MS Forms demo blog share shortcut
  11. Click Copy to copy the URL for the Form.
  12. Click Email icon (envelope icon).
  13. Select recipient emails from your organization's AD (active directory).
  14. Paste the Form URL in the body of the email.
  15. Send the email.
  16. Recipients can click the Form URL from the body of their received email to open the Form and enter responses.  MS Forms demo blog url email
  17. Recipients click Submit at the bottom of the Form to finalize their responses.
  18. Immediately after each Form recipient clicks Submit at the bottom of their Form, Forms updates the number of responses shown on the Form-creator's Form, displayed at the right of the Responses tab.  Forms visual data summary is also immediately updated. MS Forms demo blog response recd
  19. Click Responses tab to view Form visual data summary (Form results).MS Forms demo blog response stats
  20. After Submit is selected at the bottom of a Form, Forms gives the user a "Thanks" response.MS Forms demo blog test submit


What are the other Steps to Configure a Microsoft Forms Survey or Quiz?

To make your Microsoft Forms look more precise and unique, you can customize configurations. Options include changing the Form theme, background image, background color, or add a picture or company logo to make the Form look more attractive. Customization can occur before or after adding questions to the Form. Customization can make each Form more intuitive.

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Who Can Access and Use Microsoft Forms?

Forms is available with most Microsoft software subscription plans.  Examples are Office 365 Education, Microsoft 365 Business, Microsoft Personal Accounts.  To create a Form, sign-in to the app, and follow the prompts you desire to start a survey, poll, quiz, etc.


Can Non-subscribers of Microsoft 365 Access a Microsoft Form?

Yes!  A Form can be sent to non-subscribers of Microsoft 365.  To accomplish this, attach the Form URL to an email and send it.  By default, guests will complete the Form anonymously. However, there is a setting in Microsoft Forms that can be toggled so that subjective data is captured, such as a person's name or department.


Platforms and Versions Supported by Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is available on all major platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and web. Forms can be accessed through desktop and mobile browsers. This makes Microsoft Forms easier and more ideal for conducting mass polls and surveys among people outside your organization. Guests can easily access and take part in Forms surveys without downloading a dedicated app.


Popular Forms Uses

Microsoft Forms are often used by schools and educational institutions to plan their activities and classes. Forms helps institutions to gather data, feedback and suggestions easily.  Form responses are often discussed in staff meetings and board meetings, even when attendees are less tech-savvy.  Microsoft Forms uses automated data visuals.  This allows Forms users to discuss data collected and plan strategy to meet goals, instead of wasting time trying to understand spreadsheets with data not shown with the visual aesthetics built into every Form.



Knowing how to use Microsoft Forms is important if you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription, or if you wish to create and run a survey among your employees or customers. Let us know if you learned something of value in this article about Microsoft Forms.  Contact us for assistance when using the Forms app.  Give us your feedback below this article (bottom of the page).

Jump into the Microsoft Forms app here.

Have a good day.

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