5 Facts About App Installation Permissions In SharePoint Online

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Written by Alex K Joseph

SharePoint Sites are enabling organizations and workforces to achieve many fantastic things. By adding apps, you can grab better functionality from SharePoint Sites. Apps are web applications that are easy to use and small. The idea behind the introduction of apps is to allow organizations to customize sites in such a way that is more specific to their functioning. You can find or make apps that will help you process tasks or achieve goals such as better interaction with customers, time tracking, and more. You need permissions from concerned administrators to install an app in SharePoint Online. To make the process easier and effortless, we will make you aware of 5 facts about app installation permissions in SharePoint Online.

Appropriate Permission Level

As you now know that you need permissions to install an app, it is important to know who can provide that permission and the rights various apps demand. Membership in the site owners group or full control permission is the basic permission level required but some apps require organization-level permissions.

App Source

The apps can be divided into 3 kinds. The first one is the default apps that come with SharePoint. The second type is the apps generated by organizations for their specific needs. There is also another type which is called the third-party apps. They can be purchased from the SharePoint Store.

App Installation Approval

For those apps that demand organization-level permission, users will have to seek approval from an Office 365 admin to proceed with the installation. The installation requests are automatically directed to the concerned person with the help of a workflow included in the approval process.

Approval Process

The approval process starts with the users requesting for permission to install an app. They will be providing a justification message along with the request for the admin to review. Admins can then deny or approve the request based on their preferences.

Manage Requests

The Admins can manage all app installation requests from the App Catalog. Go to SharePoint Admin Center, and choose Apps from the left pane. Click on the App Catalog link to manage all app requests.

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