Best Practices for Office 365 theme customization

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Customizing Office 365 themes allows your business to gain a stronger brand impression and feel among users. Establishing a good connection between the users and the Office 365 interface is essential in making them engage in the experience completely. In our last blog, we provided a good list of essential guidelines to help you make the customization effective. In this blog, we will present you with some of the best practices for Office 365 theme customization.

This leads you to achieve a nice result through a custom theme made especially for your organization. The "best practices" information consists of 3 phases. The first stage tells you how to pick the right logo image. The second stage lets you make the right custom color choices. Picking the accent colors is the final stage which seems less significant, but it can make a bigger impact in setting up a very sensible theme.

Picking the logo image

Choosing a logo image in the SVG file type is recommended. This is to ensure that the logo will be presented with a high-resolution appearance on all screens and in all zoom levels.

Picking custom colors

Picking the custom colors of the theme is another important step. Choose a Navigation bar background color which has a high contrast ratio with the logo image you have selected. When selecting Text and Icons color, ensure that the color has a high contrast ratio with the Navigation bar background color. This is to guarantee good visibility for all icons and texts.

Picking accent color

The accent color should have good visibility over white or light backgrounds. As this color will be used for showing links and buttons on white or light background. Choosing the correct accent color can make a huge difference in the end.

Recommended settings for a colorful version of the logo

When you are trying to set up a colorful version of the logo, you should follow the recommended settings below to get the optimum results.

  • Pick your organization’s colorful logo image.
  • Select a neutral color as Navigation bar color. #FAF9F7 will be ideal for a light color, and #252423 will be perfect for a dark color.
  • For Text and icon color selections, it is recommended to pick a color to contrast the Navigation bar color. #FAF9F7 will be perfect for light color, and #252423 will be a good choice for dark color.
  • Choose a dark brand color as Accent color.

Recommended settings for a neutral version of the logo

On the other hand, if you are trying to set up a neutral version of the logo, you can follow the recommended settings listed below.

  • Choose your organization’s neutral logo.
  • Pick a brand color that is contrasting to your brand logo as Navigation bar color.
  • When selecting Text and icon color, pick a color that contrasts against the Navigation bar color. #FAF9F7 for a light color and #252423 for a dark color is recommended.

Select a dark brand color as an accent color. For some applications, this color is meant to be placed on a light background.

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