Best ways to upload files to a SharePoint Document Library

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Document libraries are storerooms in the SharePoint environment that consists of all kinds of documents and data users require. The highlight is that anyone in your team or group can access it from any device, anytime. As in the case of accessing the files and folders as required, adding or uploading files to a SharePoint Document Library is also an important process which needs to be managed well. An easier upload makes the system more efficient and user-friendly.


Drag and Drop

The easiest and the most popular way of uploading files to a SharePoint Document Library is the drag and drop method. You can perform this method either from your computer or from a network folder. Open the document library first and then select the files you wish to upload from your computer. You will find a space marked with ‘Drag files here’. Drag and drop the selected files to this space.

Open with Explorer command

By using this command, you can easily open windows explorer showing the folder structure on the server computer that underlies the site. This is a perfect way to move files from one library to another along with the change of workgroups.

New document command

Select UPLOAD EXISTING FILE from Create a new file callout. A dialogue box will appear and choose ‘Browse’ to upload individual files. One of the biggest advantages with this method is that it can work perfectly with all browsers no matter which browser version.

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