How to Conquer Policies and Procedures Management Challenges

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Written by Jessica Northey

From ever-changing local, state and federal regulations for industry best practices, it’s a challenge for any establishment to keep policies up-to-date, employees trained and the business remains compliant. This is where SharePoint and Office 365 can streamline these processes for you.

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Policies and Procedures

One step further to ensure quick employee adoption for modern technology is partnering with Dock 365 intranet development experts. We can help you determine the necessary resources needed for the project to ensure your policy and procedure management system is updated on a consistent basis.




We suggest taking advantage of the Microsoft SharePoint platform to stay compliant and have risk management teams, HR managers, policy administrators and IT managers in place to automate their full policy life cycle with Policy Management Software. It’s critical for your business to remain compliant with an ever-increasing amount of regulations and oversight from numerous sources. We can make this complicated process streamlined into a simple action by using the right intranet tools.

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Fortunately, Dock understands the compliance landscape your business faces. With the Dock intranet portal, we can provide a section easily accessible by your staff to review employee resources, which includes company policy and procedures and your employee handbook. Your intranet portal admin will be able to easily create new documents, upload and sync to the system through dropdown menu items that’s simple to learn and quickly adopt.   

Benefits of Dock’s Intranet Portal to Manage

The top two benefits of Dock’s document management system are the ability to control and protect your assets. We deliver rich content organization capabilities such as leaving establishments in control of the policies and processes that govern the content management itself. Dock delivers additional features that enable organizations to better meet compliance demands. Dock’s distinctive ability to unify your digital assets under one platform can be transformational in improved employee productivity and at the end of the day, customer satisfaction.

Outdated or obsolete IT can limit a businesses’ ability to address key challenges and opportunities. If legacy technology is standing in your way, how can you get more out of your existing investments and acquire the other capacities you need, without breaking the bank? Make your policy and procedures management system a priority for your workflow by partnering with Dock.



How Dock 365 Can Set You Up for Success

If would you like to know more about the time it will take to deploy your company-wide intranet, rest assure that our 15 years of experience working with small to large-scale clients allows us to work quickly and efficiently while providing support every step of the way. 

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