How to Create a Collapsible FAQ Section in SharePoint Online

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Written by Alex K Joseph

An easy way to help your audience find solutions to common issues is to provide an FAQ. Configuring an FAQ section wherever it is applicable is fairly simple. Product pages, home pages, help centers, and customer support portals are some of the common areas where an FAQ can be very helpful. With the assistance of the FAQ, you can provide your users with the support and answers they need, instantly.

What is the significance of an FAQ section?

An FAQ section is the simplest way to provide users with instant answers. No matter the version of SharePoint site on hand, an FAQ section can add an extra layer of user support. FAQs help you save time by avoiding time spent providing repeated support to your team members, even for the smallest of issues.

Have you ever thought about setting up the popular collapsible FAQ on your SharePoint site? We know there are so many of you out there who tried this and failed due to a wide variety of reasons. We have a solution now with SharePoint collapsible sections. Here is how to create a collapsible FAQ section in SharePoint Online.

Tutorial: Create a collapsible FAQ in SharePoint Online

First, go to the SharePoint site that you'd like to add an FAQ page to. You can also configure this as a separate section on an already existing page. In this example, we are creating a separate page for frequently asked questions.

  • Go to the site and click the setting icon at the top.
  • Choose Add a page.
    add a page - faq
  • Choose the desired template for the page and click Create page.
    create page - faq
  • Assign a cover image and give a suitable title for the page.
    title, cover, publish - faq
  • Click on Publish if you wish to make the page live at this stage.
  • By default, there will be a section and a text web part on the new page. Click on the edit section icon from the left side of the section.
  • Choose One column layout from the left and enable the Make this section collapsible
    edit section - make it collapsible.
  • Enter the question in the Section name area and answer in the text web part.
    Enter question and answer - faq
  • You can also configure options like Font style, Font size, and other text and table formatting options in the left side panel.
  • You can adjust options like divider line, icon alignment, and default display below.
    other configuration options - faq
  • To add more questions, click on the plus icon next to the first section and choose New section.
    Add a new section - faq
  • Like before, choose section layout, add a text web part and repeat the same steps as above to enter question and answer.
  • Add as many questions and answers as you'd like and click on Republish at the top.
    More qNa are added - faq

Applications of the FAQ feature

In this case, we are configuring an FAQ section for our site visitors to understand the purpose of the site. You can create FAQs to guide your audience through any process. From helping the new joiners get started with the team site to introducing a new project idea to your team, there are plenty of FAQ applications. 

How to customize the FAQ section

Customizing this collapsible FAQ section in SharePoint is easy. Simply review the final output and edit the section accordingly.

When we first completed the FAQ here, all the questions were displayed in expanded mode.

set default display - faq

We wanted the questions to be shown as collapsed and unhide the answers only when the user clicks on the desired question. We solved this by setting up the Default display option to Collapsed.

Final view after setting collapsed as default view - faq

Configure the section settings and create an FAQ that serves your purpose. We are eager to know about your experience setting up these FAQs for your team. Let us know your views in the comments.

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