How To Use the Organization Chart Web Part in SharePoint

Topics: SharePoint Online, SharePoint web parts

Written by Alex K Joseph

Businesses typically use a variety of ways to present their team's hierarchy. In light of this, it's necessary to have an organization chart readily available for your employees to view to gain clarity regarding roles and responsibilities. This blog explains how to use the Organization Chart web part in SharePoint.

The Purpose of an Organization Chart

An organization chart provides clarity regarding internal roles, responsibilities, and job titles. Especially for mid-sized and enterprise-level organizations where employee roles and responsibilities change on an annual basis, an org chart serves to clearly delineate these changes.

Businesses can clearly communicate employee expectations through an org chart. In addition, an org charge provides contact information and other vital employee information for the rest of the organization. This allows for smoother internal communication due to the ease of access to employee contact information. 

Let’s now see how an org chart web part can be added to a SharePoint site.

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The Function of the Org Chart web part

The organization chart web part retrieves data from your active directory by using your Azure ID to receive information including job title, manager, contact information, etc. Delve has the same functionality, however the advantage here is how easy it is to learn which manager each user reports to by simply selecting the user. If you wish to see upper-level management, simply adjust your settings. 

Tutorial: How to Add an Org Chart Web Part to Your Site

  • Go to the site to which you wish to add the organization chart web part. We are about to add the web part to the Human Resources site here.
    humanresource site
  • Click on Edit from the top right part of the page to enter edit mode.
  • Go to the section where you wish to place the org chart and click on the icon.
    add new web part - org chart
  • Choose Organization chart from the options.
    add org chart
  • The web part will be now added to the site.
  • Change the title of the web part and enter the name of a desired user in the text box provided.
    org chart name and enter a user
  • Select the user and click on the pen icon to edit the web part further.
    Choose edit web part - org chart
  • Adjust the ‘Number of reporting levels up’ option as required.
    set desired no of reporting levels
  • Click on Republish option to make the changes live.
  • The default view of the web part will look like this.
    default view - org chart
  • Click on any user to see which users report to that person.
    click on users to expand - org chart
  • The organization chart will adjust itself according to the user you are choosing, thus giving a clear understanding of the organization structure and hierarchy.

How To Ensure Data Accuracy in an Org Chart

In case you are not finding accurate data pulled out by the web part then it means there are not enough data updated in the active directory. For example, if you are not seeing all users who are reporting to you when you are choosing your user ID in the web part, you can follow the steps below to correct it.

  • Click on the app launcher icon from the top left corner and choose Admin to go to the SharePoint admin center.
    SharePoint admin center - org chart
  • Click on Users from the side panel and choose Active users.
    users - active users - org chart
  • All users in your organization will be listed below.
  • Click on the desired user and go to the Manager section to define their manager (To whom they are reporting).
    edit manager - org chart
  • You can also update a lot of other user data in this section
  • Click on Save changes after the desired changes are made.
    make edits - save changes - org chart
  • Go back to your organization chart web part and refresh the page.
  • You can now see everyone reporting to you under your profile in the org chart.

By hovering your mouse over each user, you can see an information card that shows a lot of additional information about each user. Try adding an organization chart to your SharePoint site using this web part and let us know about your experience in the comments below. Have a good day!


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