How SharePoint Intranet Makes Your Organization More Secure

Topics: SharePoint Intranet Portal, Security

Written by Sneha Gopal

How important is safety for your organization? It is one of the biggest priorities, right?  Even the internet seems to appear like the Wild West when it comes to security of an organization.  Cyber crime stays on par with the technological advancements of the internet.  As security adapts, so does the crime.

With these security threats growing at an unprecedented rate, organizations are spending more time, money and other resources to  build high walls of security around their assets, employees, partners and customers. 

At Dock, the most frequently asked questions by clients are "How secure is your intranet?" and "Will my business data be safe?"

We always tell them that Dock 365 users can be rest assured as it is a modern intranet solution built on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.  Here is how.

Privacy and Security


  • With Dock comes the security of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.  Built on Active Directory, SharePoint offers a highly robust security and permissions system.
  • It supports Forms Based Authentication. 
  • Enhancing the mechanism further is the support provided by Office 365.
  • SharePoint offers a secure foundation to build  a security trimmed intranet.
  • It provides users the ability to add users with granular permissions. 

Privacy Controls and Permissions Levels


  • Regulation compliance is a burden for most of today's large organizations. With thousands of employees working in different parts of the world, ensuring regulation compliance can be extremely difficult. 
  • SharePoint with its wide array of privacy controls and permissions levels makes it much easier for organizations to control who can access a particular document, file, folder and even what he/she can do with the same. 
  • This improves security by ensuring that only authorized people access a piece of information while it becomes inaccessible to anyone else.

Security Trimming


  • SharePoint utilizes a concept called security trimming when it comes retaining a data's privacy.  Breaking down the concept, it ensures that if a user doesn't have access to a specific site, he/she will not even see it in their navigation. 
  • In case the user goes for a keyword search, the search results will not show results from the sites he/she doesn't have access to.

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