SharePoint Trends and Techniques

Microsoft SharePoint is getting smarter and better each day. We will keep you updated with all exceptional capabilities and improvements SharePoint is turning into reality. Let's become more productive!

Understanding SharePoint Online Authentication

Office 365 and SharePoint Online serve a wide spectrum of customers with diverse usability and security needs. There are customers who don't mind numerous authentication prompts if it ultimately means their data will be secure on the other hand there are other customers who despise the sight of a login prompt.

Two-Step Verification: Make your Microsoft Account Secure

You need a Microsoft Account to access multiple devices and services provided by Microsoft. Skype, Outlook, Xbox Live, and OneDrive are few of those services that ask for a Microsoft Account login to get started. The advantage is that the account let you use your documents, files, contacts and other settings in any device. Maintaining the account with the best security is important for safe and reliable usage of these excellent services and features.

How SharePoint Intranet Makes Your Organization More Secure

How important is safety for your organization? It is one of the biggest priorities, right?  Even the internet seems to appear like the Wild West when it comes to security of an organization.  Cyber crime stays on par with the technological advancements of the internet.  As security adapts, so does the crime.