How to Add, Edit and Update Page Details in SharePoint

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Written by Alex K Joseph

SharePoint and other Microsoft Products are successfully used by a big majority of businesses around the world. Microsoft has offered plenty of business solutions/tools and bundled them successfully as Office 365 products. Today, we are going to give you a comprehensive idea about how crucial SharePoint Page Details is. Learn how to add, edit, and update page details in SharePoint and make the most of it. It is through the page details pane you will be able to view the properties of a page. You can add, edit, and update these details from that pane easily.

Remember that your access to view and edit page properties is depended on how your administrator or item owner has assigned to it. There are two ways to view page properties. If you are having a read-only view of a SharePoint page, then Page details option at the top of the page is the right option. Ensure that the page is published or saved for this option to work. If you require advanced details about the page, like when it was last modified, you need to click on the More details option at the bottom of the pane. Let us see how you can edit these options.

Step to Change Page Properties

  • Enter the edit mode by clicking on the Edit option placed at the top right part of the page.
  • Select Page details option from the command bar.
  • To edit a property, you need to click on the value displayed under the property name first.
  • Enter a new value and then press Enter key to save the changes.
  • You can also choose Edit all option to edit multiple options at a time.
  • Click Save after making the changes.

How to Change the Thumbnail for the Page

  • Go to Page Details Pane and click on Change thumbnail button.
  • Choose an image according to your choice.

You will see a good number of options to find the image you desire. The following are the options you will get to choose an image.

  • Stock images provided by Microsoft
  • Recent image
  • Image from web search
  • Link
  • Computer
  • Your site
  • In case your organization has provided a set of approved images, you can pick from them by clicking on the ‘Your organization’ option.

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How It Works

If you are choosing the web search option to pick the thumbnail image for the page, the option makes use of Bing images that come with a Creative Common license. However, it is your responsibility to review the licensing of the images before using it on a site. SharePoint Admins should create an Organization Asset Library if they want users to pick from Organization approved images. It is also a good idea to make an understanding of how images are sized and scaled in SharePoint Modern Pages to make the most of the facility. You can even enable a Content Delivery Network to make the process of finding and using images better.

How to Change the Page Description

The page description is another important property of a SharePoint page that makes it easier for everyone to understand the purpose of the page quickly. You can see a dedicated Description field in the Property pane. Enter or change the description as required. SharePoint News and Search results are the areas or occasions in which these thumbnails and description of a SharePoint Page is displayed. The most accurately you set these options, the easier it will be for everyone to make a choice.

Steps to Add Properties in The Pages Library

Page property is also known as Page Metadata. You can add a new property to a page by creating a column in the pages library especially for the property. Once the property/column is created, you will be able to edit and view the property in the pages library. It will be displayed in the Page details pane of the page too. Here are the steps you need to follow to add properties in the pages library:

  • Enter the pages library by clicking on the Pages option. You can find the option in the left navigation.
  • You can also access the option by going to Settings > Site contents > Site pages.
  • Click on Add column + option and from the dropdown choose the type of column you wish to add.
  • From the New column dialogue that appears, enter a title or column name into the Name field.
  • Select Create.

These are some of the basic things you must know about adding, editing, and updating Page Details in SharePoint. Hope you liked this blog post. Keep coming back if you wish to see more informative SharePoint Blogs from us.

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