How Microsoft Planner Will Change the Way You Work

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Written by Alex K Joseph

You know that Microsoft 365 is a group of innovative solutions that can assure you great workplace productivity. Microsoft Planner was a silent killer among the set of Microsoft 365 tools so far. However, with the recent updates and integration across Microsoft 365, the Planner is now more effective and better. In this post, we are going to tell you how Microsoft Planner will change the way you work. We have done another blog recently, about How to use Planner from Microsoft Teams. Check out that blog if you wish to know the most amazing way to work with Planner right now.

Let us dive directly into the main topic here.

What are the Enhancements That are Coming Soon in Microsoft Planner

The Planner is around for 4 years now and it is with recent updates, the platform achieved much acceptance among businesses. There are significant improvements made to both web and mobile Planner experiences. Thus, you can assure enhanced usability no matter what device you are accessing the platform.

Filter by Progress Option in Planner Web

Once you mark a task as completed in Planner, it will automatically go to the bottom and get listed under the disclosure widget. However, when you are trying to filter tasks in Schedule view and charts view, these completed tasks completely disappear. The team that is working behind the Microsoft Planner has announced that they have solved this inability and completed tasks will be able to filter down and display in the schedule, and chart views soon.

Copy Links in Planner Mobile

You might have used the copy link in the web version to place task links on emails, messages, or notes. This helps to mention tasks in conversations and other communications effectively. Did you miss this feature in the mobile version? If yes, you can rejoice because it is now possible in Planner mobile too. To get a link to a plan board you just need to click on the ellipses at the top and choose the copy option. Similarly, you can copy link to a task too. The link will be copied to the clipboard and you can now paste it to any text field you wish.

What Impact It Can Offer

The two enhancements listed above are just a sample and there are lot more similar updates on the pipeline. Some of them have already started rolling out. These updates can make your tasks processing and tracking procedures a lot simpler and nicer. You need to understand how these changes will bring an impact on your business processes. Planner already has a bunch of facilities; all you need is to use the new features along with the older ones thus doubling your productiveness. This means, you need to still bucket your tasks, and utilize the calendar view to take control of the processes but it will be a lot better this time.

Tracking the progress of each task can also be improved by using some of the features. One easy way is to have a checklist for each task. These are simple things usually people do not bother much when creating and assigning tasks, consider them seriously and you will be able to make an impact right away.

How to Adapt to the New Changes

One of the easiest ways to adapt to these changes is to get to know about these new updates and make them part of your daily task managing activities. Learn about Microsoft Planner's advanced features. To do that you can do a couple of things. First, follow and engage in some of Microsoft Planner’s blogs and forums. They will update all the latest updates in their resources timely. There you will find a lot more resources to collect as much data first-hand.


What are the Features You Need to Focus

There are a few Microsoft Planner features we can recommend you to make your Planner experience exceptional. Here is our list of Planner features you should start utilizing from now:

  • Task Buckets
  • Checklists
  • Schedule view
  • Color labels
  • Charts view
  • Group by’ option
  • Exploit Planner integration possibilities with Microsoft 365
  • Use the cloud features

It will be the simple things that empower Microsoft Planner to change the way businesses work. Keep learning Microsoft Planner's upcoming features. Be part of the tasks revolution and enjoy the benefits. Hope this blog will make you ready to make the most of Microsoft Planner.

Have a good day.

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