Use 5 Power Automate Templates to Stay Informed While Working Remotely

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Remote work isn't entirely new for the majority of us. Nowadays, we are trained to work remotely and get everything done the same way we did in our previous office environments. With Microsoft Office 365 and the amazing solutions the software provides, remote work is easier than ever before. Microsoft Office 365 has several features to keep you well-informed while working remotely.

Microsoft Teams is a brilliant communication and collaboration platform where you can manage all of your work in a single location. Let's discuss 5 Power Automate Templates that will keep you informed about various critical activities while working remotely. To watch Power Automate tutorial videos, click here.

You might already be in the know of what an excellent platform Microsoft Power Automate is. It can help you create workflows and automate various tasks that increase the efficiency of daily working processes. The platform connects with other Microsoft 365 solutions, providing you with notifications and immediate action steps that help you to stay informed and proactive.

Now we'll discuss the top 5 Power Automate templates that will help you stay well-informed while working remotely. 

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1. Post A Daily Message to Microsoft Teams with Planner Tasks Due Tomorrow

Staying aware of critical tasks and the status of each task is very important. With this template, you receive a list of tasks posted into any relevant channel that are due the following day. This template allows you to track every task so you can complete them in a timely manner.

  • Go to your Power Automate home page
  • In the Search bar, type "Post a daily message to Microsoft Teams with Planner tasks due tomorrow" and select the option
    Post a daily message to Microsoft Teams with Planner tasks due tomorrow
  • Check the connections at the bottom, then click Continue
  • Configure the Recurrence and List tasks details
    Set up the Recurrence and list task info
  • Configure preferences in the Post message in a chat or channel
    Set up your preferences in the Postmessage in a chat of channel section
  • Activate the flow by selecting Save 
  • The notification will appear in your Teams channel as pictured below: 
    Task due tomorrow - you will see a message like this to your channel

2. Get Daily Inspiration from Brain Pickings

Keeping your team inspired and motivated is key while working remotely. With this power automate template, you can receive the top Brain Pickings posts in your email inbox.

  • Go to your Power Automate home page
  • In the Search bar, type "Get daily inspiration from Brain Pickings" and select the option
    Get daily inspiration
  • Click Create flow after verifying the connection settings below
  • You will receive emails with top inspirational posts instantly
    Inspiration mail

3. Post A Welcome Message When a User Joins a Team

If your organization completely transitioned to remote work during the pandemic, you might have experienced difficulty fitting-in new employees or team members on your various software platforms. Keep every individual in your organization in the know of new members with this specific template. With this template, a welcome message is posted to Teams whenever a new member joins. 

  • Go to your Power Automate home page
  • In the Search bar, type "Post a welcome message when a user joins a team" and select the option
    post a welcome message when a user joins team
  • Select a Team to monitor for new members, a Microsoft Teams Team, and a Microsoft Teams Channel where you would like to post the welcome message
    Choose the teams and channel to monitor
  • If desired, select the Edit in advance mode to make additional modifications to the flow
  • Click Create
  • The welcome message will appear as pictured below: 
    Welcome message sample
  • The flow is modifiable at any time

4. Post A Daily Message to Microsoft Teams with The Day's Weather Forecast

Even when you work remote, it's always nice to stay updated on what's going on outside. Receiving the daily weather forecast is a helpful piece of information that your employees will appreciate having so they can plan their days accordingly. An interesting concept to note is that the weather can actually impact the overall mood of your team.

  • Go to your Power Automate home page
  • Select "Post a daily message to Microsoft Teams with the day's weather forecast"
    post daily weather forecast
  • On the next page, select the time and interval you wish to receive updates
  • Configure location and units details
    forecast for the day - location
  • Select the channel you'd like to have the message posted to, along with the message format
    Wather forecast - message and channel update
  • Click Save 
  • The weather update will appear as pictured below:
    Weather forecast message

5. Get Daily Reminders in Email

Creating reminders, alarms, and notifications is necessary to stay on-top of everyday tasks and deadlines. With the "Get daily reminders in Email" template, you can do just that. Easily modify email destinations and content whenever needed with this Power Automate template.

  • Go to your Power Automate home page
  • Select "Get daily reminders in Email"
    get daily reminders in email
  • One the next page, configure various details including: Interval, Frequency, Time zone, Start time, and associating hours and minutes
    On the next window, choose details like time zone, frequency, interval, and time.
  • In the next box, update details including: To, Subject, Body, To Names, and more 
    IN the next box update details like to, cc, attachment, email body, and more.
  • Select Save 
  • The reminder will appear as pictured below: 
    Reminder mail

There are several templates that you can explore on the Microsoft Power Automate homepage. Many of them offer incredible solutions that will make your team more efficient.

These workflows provide incredible flexibility for your organization. We highly suggest using these power features to automate your contract management processes as well. We hope this blog inspires you to make the very most of Microsoft Power Automate today. 

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