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Written by Jessica Northey

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According to a report conducted by Kollective, Generation Now: The Future of Employee Engagement in the Age of Now, their survey provides interesting information regarding how effective office communication is today. 

“76% of businesses in the UK and US still rely on mass emails to communicate with staff. Is it any wonder, then, that less than half of workers are satisfied with the communication they get from senior management?” 

How can a business improve employee productivity? One visual implementation with SharePoint online tools can do the trick!

  • 64 percent trust a message more if they can see the person speaking
  • A majority also find visual content easier to digest and understand than written documents
  • 31 percent post updates on an HR intranet or web portal
  • 35 percent are still relying on written documents to communicate news to staff

The report says, “It is for this reason that we expect real-time updates and video communication to grow increasingly popular among both employers and employees.” 

Businesses today can use a company intranet portal that’s customized to their business needs. The SharePoint site with Microsoft Office 365 offers a solution called a Content Rotator, which is for adding visuals such as photos and video.

The Solution:

The SharePoint Add-in Content Rotator automatically changes the image files contained in the specified SharePoint Picture Library using smooth transition between the images. It’s easy to implement because your company doesn’t need an IT department when using the SharePoint intranet portal and Office 365 tools.

Simple to use Slider. Good to have for your Portal! Capable of embedding video. Watch our video to see how it’s setup.



How Dock Can Help

Keep your employees engaged and improve communication with the visual content rotator with images and video. Showcase company-wide messages from the CEO through short video messages, showcase the employee of the month, or place images of your company brand with beautiful photography.

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In any case, Dock can assist you with setting up and developing custom SharePoint site needs. Our team has over 15 years of experience and can offer fast deployment times at an affordable price.  

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