Steps to Create a Leadership Site in SharePoint and Its Significance

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Among the most influential factors behind the success of a Microsoft SharePoint deployment, there is a properly streamlined engagement execution. Employee engagement is a very important factor that will play a critical role in making your SharePoint deployment a great success. The communication or understanding between leadership and the employees of an organization is also important. Leadership engagement can increase employee productivity, and it can also assure that your workforce is working towards the same goals and mission. Even though the effectiveness of the leadership factor greatly depends on the leadership skills of individuals, the efforts to create a better leadership engagement always succeeds. In this blog post, we will tell you about the significance of leadership engagement and the steps to create a leadership site in SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 and the solutions you get with the bundle are brilliantly made to assure proper collaboration and communication among teams. It can play a critical role in nurturing leadership engagement in your organization too.

How to Nurture Leadership Engagement in Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365, you can run live events, and organization-wide meetings to inspire and let everyone know about the latest information. You can consistently run such online events and question & answer sessions to make sure everyone is getting an opportunity to contribute their thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. This ensures that there is a proper communication channel between the leadership and the employees.

It will turn out to be a very meaningful effort, as it provides a voice to each one in your organization.

How to Connect Leaders and Employees

There are plenty of ways in which you can establish a connection between your organization’s leadership team and employees. The point is to keep everyone informed and acknowledged. As it will be a leadership team who will be always taking decisions and setting up vision and mission for the organization, they can provide a lot of inputs to the employees.

Microsoft 365 gives the best assistance for the leaders to make this a reality. You can use blogs, intranet sites, videos, messages, and other content to share details with people. SharePoint, Teams, Stream, Yammer, etc. are some of the exceptional tools/platforms you can use for that purpose.

How to Start A Leadership Site in SharePoint

Every organization will have a leadership team. It comprises of people who are primarily the decision-makers of the organization. If they can clarify the objective and vision of the organization clearly to others, any organization can produce better results. In Microsoft SharePoint, the best way to do that is by creating best leadership sites.

Here is how you can start a leadership site in SharePoint:

  • From the SharePoint Start Page, Create a new Communication Site.
  • Customize the appearance of the site based on your branding. The ‘Change the look’ option can be used for that.
  • Edit the left and top menus to connect with other sites or your intranet.
  • Build your site by adding sections first and then add web parts to them.
  • Keep adding and updating web parts based on the type of content and data you wish to share.

What Are the Web Parts You Need to Add

Based on the type of information and messages your leadership team might want to share with others frequently, you must add web parts to the page. Here are the most popular web parts that suit that requirement:

  • Hero Web Part – The place to showcase the most important content. Choose a layout appropriately. You can have more than one hero web part in a site if required.
  • News Web Part – The best way to share news, updates, other time-to-time details with the entire organization.
  • Quick Links Web Part – The ideal choice to display links to other sites and pages.
  • Stream Web Part – Showcase stream videos on the site to encourage engagement.
  • Yammer Web Part – Ideal choice to empower organization-wide conversations.
  • Events Web Part – Showcase upcoming events and activities, thus assuring employee participation.
  • Call to Action Web Part – Create a call-to-action button for users to act.
  • Text Web Part – The text web part is perfect to display messages from the leadership team or to simply put inspirational quotes to maintain a positive vibe among the employees.

How to Keep Improving Leadership Engagement in Your Organization

The best way to keep improving the leadership engagement in your organization is to keep the leadership site live with the latest updates, events, and activities year-round. Whenever, you have any new information, updates, or news that your employees should know, share it with them in the most appropriate format. This way you can assure that everyone will like this new engagement effort and follow it regularly.

Hope you got a clear idea about the significance of leadership engagement and steps to create best leadership sites in SharePoint by now. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments.

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