Top Ways Intranet Platforms Impress Businesses

Topics: Productivity, Employee Engagement, Microsoft Teams

Written by Alex K Joseph

Modern Intranet platforms are getting better with time. With the power of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, they gain great collaboration and data management abilities. They are already working as a superpower for businesses of all sizes. In our research, we found a few ways in which intranet platforms improvised in recent years. As you might know, intranets are known for their ability to ensure productivity and employee engagement.


Top Ways Intranet Platforms Impress Businesses in 2019 - Dock 365 blog


As time passes, businesses will require more powerful and advanced intranet solutions and technologies to meet their objectives. Dock 365 SharePoint Intranet portal is one good example for platforms that are improvising along with time and technology. Let’s get deeper into the top ways intranet platforms are expected to revolutionize in coming years.

Intelligent Data Management

The announcements from the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2018 proved one thing for sure. The newest features or abilities of the SharePoint Modern sites and Office 365 tools makes data management easier and very impressive. Along with improving business agility and speed, the Intranet platforms are now very dynamic. They just assure a richer experience when it comes to making the user feel comfortable and user-friendly. Modern Sites and Hub sites can manage data more intelligently than ever.

Integration of Great Tools

The best tools you get to explore with a SharePoint Intranet is from Office 365. They are neatly integrated into the SharePoint Intranet platform to manage and process tasks and information in the best ways possible. With Dock 365 portal, you will get to explore more impressive integrations. Dock’s Integration with great tools like PowerApps, Planner, PowerBI, AdobeSign, and DocuSign ensure more value.

Next Level Workplace Collaboration

The collaboration capabilities are another area most modern businesses are keen to utilize in an intranet platform today. With outstanding tools out can ensure that your employees can work and stay connective from various offices, departments and even remotely. Live chats, message boards, and the latest SharePoint Mobile App updates are all factors that guarantee the next level of workplace collaboration. No doubt that modern businesses will surely embrace these revolutionary changes and utilize all of them to stay simply productive consistently.


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