5 Ways an Intranet Portal Can Inspire Employee Engagement

Topics: SharePoint Intranet Portal, Intranet Portal, Employee Engagement

Written by Alex K Joseph

Organizations should be able to create a good emotional connection between employees and the company to achieve success consistently. A satisfied employee community delivers 100% to achieve company goals and missions. Some of the key values such as productivity, loyalty, retention, etc. are greatly dependent on employee engagement. In order to set up an ideal environment for your employees to achieve optimal work-life experience, you will need an efficient Intranet. Today, we will show you 5 different ways an intranet portal can inspire employee engagement in organizations.

Giving Them More Control

Modern intranets portals are designed and developed to make work easier and effortless for everyone. Giving complete control over resources, time, tools, and many more values is the core aim of an intranet portal. Having good control over everything in work life is when you have the best chance to deliver a good performance.

Remote Access to Tools and Resources

Working only from your desk in the office is not enough to stay competitive in the modern-day business conditions. Business trends and opportunities change all the time. Making instant decisions, and being able to perform tasks from anywhere, anytime is the superpower employees need today. An intranet portal makes this true in real-work conditions with ease.

Deliver Performance Feedback

You need a performance assessment system to analyze both company and employee performance. This is how you will know how to boost productivity, by putting efforts in the right category.

Enabling Online Learning

Modern businesses need online training facilities to make employees perfectly fit for their roles, and to improve their skills along with time. A comprehensive Learning Management System can enable online learning in the most efficient way. 

Sharing Valuable Stories

The easiest and most effective way to bind all employees in an organization is to keep them updated about everything happening in the company. Share stories about company milestone achievements, employees’ achievements, company culture, and other values. Moreover, keep everyone motivated and positive with these valuable stories.

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