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Written by Dock SharePoint Evangelist

Microsoft Flow Integration for SharePoint

To stay competitive, organizations need the be able to update their operations processes and product lines efficiently. It is essential that businesses periodically evolve to tactics that will allow them to respond to technology-driven market changes the best way they can.

By 2020, businesses must become or at least be in the process of becoming digitally viable  to compete effectively. Microsoft Flow assists companies to work smarter by offering automated workflow across your apps and services.


Automate Advanced Scenarios

  • With Multiple Steps
  • Branching Conditions
  • Notifications
  • Synchronized Files
  • Data Collection
  • Automated Approvals

Create your your own tailored flows in a user friendly visual designer. For example, companies can set up automated processes such as auto-sent emails whenever a new file is added in Dropbox. Design and create your own unique parameters and add dynamic content to the managed files, apps, and services in your flow. Flows that you have previously created are easily able to be viewed, in either step-by-step detail or complete run history.  

Microsoft Flow speeds up the start process by offering a growing library of templates.

Streamline Email Management

  • Create to-do item in Wunderlist for important emails
  • Translate non-english emails
  • Get daily reminder emails
  • Get Office 365 email notifications forwarded to Slack Channel
  • Get a text notification when you receive an email from your manager

Automate Data Storage

  • Copy new files in Dropbox to a specific folder on OneDrive
  • Save email attachments to Dropbox
  • Copy files between OneDrive and Dropbox
  • Save social media posts in Dropbox
  • Save social media posts in a CSV file in OneDrive

Social Media Management

  • Email yourself new tweets about a certain keyword
  • Post to Yammer if new tweets match with a predetermined hashtag
  • Save tweets to a CSV file in OneDrive
  • Share tweets on Facebook

SharePoint Management

  • Send an email when new items are added to SharePoint Online list
  • Save my email attachments to a SharePoint document library
  • Send an email when a new file is added in SharePoint Online

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Build Up Your Business Application Platform

Design your own modern business applications quick. Using an integrated set of services from Microsoft, compose analytics, user experiences, and automation. Strengthen your business and help empower users who clearly identify their business needs to best build solutions without needing to write code. Leverage Azure platform services to provide developers with the capabilities and components to be power users. Maximize value from your data using one of of the many available data management applications or integrate your app with existing systems and services.

There are hundreds of reasons why your company can take advantage of Office 365 perks, if you’re not already. Adding Microsoft Flow and utilizing companies such as ourselves for customized SharePoint intranet portals to fit your specific business workflow needs can help to launch your business into the digital age.

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