How to Create a Lookup Column to another SharePoint Site?

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Written by Sneha Gopal

A lookup column is a referential integrity between the lists in SharePoint. It retrieves one or more values from a target list if those values match the value in the lookup column in the source list.

Advantages of Lookup Columns

You can easily create multiple relationships between lists without using any calculated fields.

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How to create a SharePoint Lookup Column to another site?

Let's explore how to create a lookup column in a list/library that looks up data from a list/library of another site.Without further ado, let's get started. 

  • Go to Site Contents > Site Settings

Site contents (1)

  • Click on Site Columns

Site Settings-1

  • Click on Create 

Site Columns

  • Give the Site Column an appropriate name and choose "Lookup" as the type.

Create Column

  • Navigate to your Sub site and add your Site Column to any list/library
  • Go to Library Settings

Form Templates   All Forms

  • Click on Add from Existing Site Columns under the Columns section 

Document Library Settings

  •  The next step is to find and add your Site Column

Add Columns from Site Columns

Viola! You have successfully created a SharePoint lookup column to another site.

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