How Your Marketing Department Can Better Utilize Your Intranet-1

Marketing is a fast developing and moving function within the company, having the best and most efficient tools at their disposal is essential to be successful. Having a Marketing team that leverages the company’s modern intranet portal allows for office processes to be streamlined and automated, which could just be the effective solution needed to get more bang for your marketing buck while reducing overhead.

Idea Generation

Marketing is all about new and creative ideas that a company can implement to have a unique competitive advantage of their competitors. Generating ideas is a collaborative process. Therefore, co-authoring is an effective technique, which allows multiple staff members to edit and comment on one common document. Think how much time employees will save from not continuously sending emails back and forth, or spending a huge chuck of time developing an idea that another employee has already completed. A modern intranet portal will not only save time during this process but will also reduce coordination costs – a win for making that marketing budget stretch further!

Gathering Resources

The marketing team doesn’t work alone during a new product launch. The input of several other departments from accountancy to production is required in order to be successful. Numerous individuals working on one project generate a lot of conversations, and there’s nothing worse than having long, tiresome meetings or coming back to your computer to a plethora of email updates. The intranet offers a collaborative workspace where all the relevant data can be shared and discussed among departments in one central platform without pesky notifications every second throughout the day.

A centralized hub to maintain brand consistency

One of the key challenges marketing department faces is to ensure that their brand is consistent across every region, department or languages. A modern Intranet portal provides a centralized storage of brand assets. Your company’s intranet can provide guidance on how any brand assets can be used. With the help of internal social networks, you can ask experienced colleagues to share the best practices for others to follow.

Market Research: Competitive Analysis & Trends

Market research, both primary and secondary is an essential function of a business as it allows for an in-depth analysis. Before employees can start brainstorming innovative and out of the box ideas, the department first needs to determine where your market is spending their time and what they really want – and therefore where marketing activity should be focused.


Customer Experience Feedback

Data is a vital part of any company and is expensive to purchase from external sources. When a company develops their own internal customer database, they are essentially creating a resource for future research, which will aid in the subsequent projects that will follow. Customers like to discuss two things either how extremely happy, or unhappy you or your product has made them, with the popularity of social media as well as more traditional methods, this feedback can be shared on a multitude including embedding them in your intranet pages.

In addition to feedback, customer data can also include case studies, testimonials, and purchase histories. Collecting and storing this data in one central database on the intranet ensures that you have a comprehensive profile of each customer that is accessible to relevant staff members.

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