The New Sharing and Files Experience in Microsoft 365

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Businesses from all trades can rely on Microsoft 365 to manage their files consistently and securely. Among its fantastic list of apps, Microsoft 365 offers outstanding files experience that is intelligent and efficient. Doesn’t matter whether it is in SharePoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Office apps or in Yammer, you can have an unmatched experience. Backed with AI, industry-leading security and compliance are other highlights of Microsoft 365. The newest update to the sharing and file experiences in Microsoft 365 is about to enhance the usability even more.

What is new in the file experiences and sharing in Microsoft 365?

The biggest update is in the files experience of Microsoft Teams. When working within the files tab of a channel, the new files experience now appears within the Teams. The main intention behind this innovation is to provide consistent and reliable files experience along with powerful content services. There are mainly 3 new updates to the files experience and sharing in Microsoft 365.

  • The new files experience in Microsoft Teams
  • The updated sharing experience in Microsoft Teams
  • The new sharing and files experience in Outlook web and mobile.

New Files Experience In Teams - Dock 365 Blog

Updated File Sharing Experience in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration tool that helps to establish brilliant communication among employees. Along with that it also allows great collaboration of files, as well as to streamline various processes. Microsoft is always keen to extend the power of SharePoint to Teams as well. The files experience introduced in the file tab of channels is the latest attempt to this objective. This gives users many more abilities such as rich previews, check in, check out, pin files, and plenty more.

Another highlight is the addition of file sharing experience to the Teams, as in Office apps, OneDrive, SharePoint Windows Explorer, etc. This will provide you total control over files. It doesn’t matter which medium you are in Microsoft 365. This provides more flexibility for users to share files in a way they want.

Rich File Previews in Microsoft Teams - Dock 365 Blog

New OneDrive Experience in Teams

For a better productive working experience, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive will work more friendly than before. You can view and access OneDrive Files without leaving Teams. For this, you just need to choose Files > Cloud Storage > OneDrive. You can view and manage all files and folders in the same files experience as in other apps in the Microsoft 365.

New OneDrive Experience in Teams - Dock 365

File Sharing Experience in Outlook Web App

People used to depend on emails to share documents and files with their teammates, but now you can share files to a group of people easily through Teams. To make the sharing experience more reliable and secured, the new file sharing experience in Outlook Web App allows you to share files by generating a link. You can set preferred access permissions too. It will guarantee that everyone has access to the latest updated version anytime.

File sharing experience in Outlook web app - Dock 365

Improved File Picking Experience in Outlook Mobile

Furthermore, there is also an all-new file picking experience introduced to the Outlook mobile app when you are picking files to attach while working in Microsoft 365. When using the ‘Attach a file’ option you will be able to browse all files in your OneDrive, along with frequently accessed and followed libraries. The recent files option gives you easy access to the content you are working on currently, similarly to the file experience you get on the Outlook desktop. You can share the file as a link instead of a copied attachment. This is very helpful in avoiding the creation of unnecessary duplicate files.

Attaching files in  Outlook Mobile - Dock 365 Blog

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