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Three Ingredients To Being Successful In Sales & CRM

Blog provided courtesy of Benchmark Training.

In a world of information overload, it’s easy to find the “7 Magic Steps to Financial Freedom”, or the “10 Most Important Attributes of a Great Sales Person”, but the real challenge is in assimilating all this information and consistently implementing whichever various tactics work best for you. Over the past twenty years, we’ve interviewed 100’s of top sales people and simply asked them what makes them so good. We even followed many of them out into the field to watch them in action and reviewed their sales personality-test results. Interestingly, we found that while each of them had a slightly different sales style and various different sales tactics, they each followed a specific recipe that could be attributed to their success in sales. Based on this analysis, we coined the ingredients to this recipe, “The 3 Rights:" the Right attitude, focus on the Right things, and persevere until you get it Right. Enterprise companies often use a CRM for staying on top of their sales processes.

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