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A Guide to Legal Contract Management

A well-ordered legal contract management system can help legal departments, paralegals, and general counsel successfully manage contract-related demands. Without a software solution, they might not be able to face many challenges regarding increased contract complexity and volume. Legal contract management software can help by increasing the effectiveness of your contract management system and by minimizing the length of legal contract lifecycles.

5 Reasons Businesses Transition to Digital Contract Management Systems

Digital contract management has become the norm for many businesses. In the vast majority of businesses today, implementing a digital contract management system is the key to solving several contract-related problems.

How To Track Changes During the Contract Review Process

Tracking changes, or more commonly known as “redlining”, is a step within contract lifecycle management that refers to the editing of contract terms. Tracking changes often times requires several individuals and/or legal teams to comment on, review, and make suggestions or adjustments to the most current iteration of contract terms. The redlining step is widely accepted as the most time-consuming stage within a contract’s lifecycle, as this stage can take several months or years to complete. This is because organizations typically require the input from several departments and parties during the contract review. During the redlining step, several phases occur as the document is edited in rounds, where various parties take the document, edit it, then pass it to the other parties multiple times as the document undergoes several revisions.

Manual Contract Management vs. Electronic Contract Management

The technological advancements of today have paved the way for modernized and intelligent contract management. With features and capabilities like contract workflow automation, mobile apps, and electronic signature integrations, your company can leverage revolutionary tools to increase productivity and drive results. If your company still uses traditional manual contract management, you are putting yourself at a massive competitive disadvantage and will most likely not have the same level of productivity and results as organizations that utilize electronic contract management processes.

Contract Management Software for Small Businesses

Contract management isn’t always top of mind when it comes to small businesses. Customer relationships and basic, fundamental business operations tend to be more of the focus within small businesses, and understandably so. However, to successfully scale your small business, it’s necessary to prepare effectively by implementing a specific contract management strategy.

5 Processes Streamlined by Contract Management Software

Contract management is an integral component to any industry or business. Contracts are legally binding documents that serve as a foundation for regular business operations and are critical to risk mitigation. With the growth of any business comes an increase in contract volume. To ensure your business can scale and efficiently grow, we suggest implementing contract management software to streamline all contract-related duties.

The Importance of User Permissions in Contract Management Software

The security of your contract management system is one of the most important factors of a successful and high performing contracting solution. To ensure that the best security measures are taken, we recommend having a great understanding of user permissions and why user permissions contribute to your software’s security. Contracts include detailed terms that often provide context as to what user permissions are allowed per the contract.

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Contract Management System

Contract management is a highly systematized, detailed, and monotonous process. Due to the legal nature and implications of contracts, its necessary for there to be a rather high level of standardization in any organization’s contract management process. However, how can one organization differentiate their contract management process from another? The answer is by increasing the overall value of the contract management service they are providing. With the help of a dedicated contract management software solution, you can confidently provide the best possible contract management to your clients and vendors.

A Basic Guide to E-Signatures

In today’s digitally dominated business world, the development of electronic signatures has changed the way that agreements and transactions are finalized. Electronic signatures give people the ability to sign documents on digital devices at any time, in any place. Electronic signatures are highly efficient and provide business and industry leaders yet another technological advancement to leverage for the purpose of increasing productivity and reducing turnaround times.

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