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Office 365 and SharePoint: The Keys To Contract Lifecycle Management

Selecting an appropriate contract lifecycle management solution that is fit for your organization's specific needs and objectives can be a very difficult process that requires lots of thought and consideration. Businesses of all sizes should take a considerable amount of time when deciding which contact software to use. Enterprises must especially take this process seriously, weighing the pros and cons of the various contract lifecycle management software platforms available. Today, there is a myriad of contract management solutions that use leading business apps and tools. Many of these platforms leverage Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics, E-signature integrations, and much more. Choosing a contract lifecycle management system that assimilates with your existing infrastructure offers several advantages that makes the implementation and deployment phase remarkably easy. Leveraging your existing infrastructure allows you to save costs in several places, rather than having to spend additional funds on a third-party system.


How to Set KPIs For Your Legal Department

Setting and tracking appropriate legal KPIs (key performance indicators) is an important activity that helps your legal department gain perspective on how their current processes influence your business’s success and performance. So, how do you go about developing KPIs and how can you ensure that your team is tracking the most important ones that are suited to your company? What is the process like of tracking these metrics? We’ll discuss all this and more so you can assist your legal team with all the data they need to enhance their strategy.



How CLM Software Improves Contract Negotiations

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) software automates and systematizes several processes and tasks involved in modern contract management. During contract lifecycle management business owners and contract managers become very familiar with contract negotiations, reviews, and approvals. These processes within contract lifecycle management can often be time-consuming, taxing, and very detailed – lending themselves to require the highest level of attention. Even for the most experienced contract managers, contract negotiations and conducting contract reviews are crucial steps within the contract lifecycle that often need additional insight from relevant contract stakeholders. For contracts with the potential for significant impacts on an organization (positive or negative), the intentionality and effort required on such agreements dramatically increases.

Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management Software: A Starter Guide

Enterprise contract lifecycle management (CLM) software is a phenomenal tool for comprehensive, streamlined contract lifecycle management. A CLM solution built for enterprises centralizes a company’s legal agreements into one location that automates processes, creating an environment for both clear communication and productive collaboration.

Contract Management Software for Nonprofits: An Overview

Many nonprofit organizations (NPOs) have made the transition to contract management software to improve and automate their contract-related processes. Nonprofit contract management can be tricky, so with the help of contract automation and a centralized platform to oversee all of your NPO’s contracts and associated data, you can get a step ahead towards attaining a sustainable and efficient contract management approach.

Top Legal Contract Management Software Features

General counsel, paralegals, and other legal professionals often work with extraordinarily high volumes of complex contracts. Effective legal contract management is the key to overcoming many of the challenges that legal departments face in companies of all sizes. With legal contract management software, you can equip your employees with the best tools to optimize and streamline the legal contract lifecycle. In addition, you can count on reduced delays, risks, noncompliance, and increased organizational efficiency and productivity by leveraging a dedicated software platform.

An Overview of Contract Clause Types and Effective Clause Management

Every business utilizes contracts to partner with customers and vendors, as well as when hiring employees. However, you might be wondering what all goes into a contract. In this blog, we will discuss some of the clauses that you will commonly find within a contract, and we will also discuss how to properly manage your contract clauses throughout contract lifecycles. Managing clauses can be difficult for any contract administrator or legal professional, so learning more about these processes can help you effectively oversee your clauses. And with disconnected processes like spreadsheets, shared drives, and emails, clause management can become that much more taxing.

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