Best Tools to Automate Common HR Processes with SharePoint

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Human Resource departments need to undertake a lot of tasks and processes on a day to day basis. Most of them are repetitive tasks and proper streamlining is essential to ensure productivity. Employee on-boarding/off-boarding, employee policy reviews and various other HR tasks can be automated and streamlined using excellent tools provided by Microsoft. HR departments can also make use of the excellent hr management software that is available n the market now.

With SharePoint, you can easily take out repetitiveness from common tasks and get everything done by creating automated workflows. SharePoint is packed with a good number of fantastic tools and features that help HR departments to get their tasks done more efficiently. Here, we would like to enlighten you about some of the intelligent tools in SharePoint that can perform great tasks. With SharePoint based hr management software you get the additional features of SharePoint as well.

Microsoft Forms

Understanding the expectations and views of the employees is very important for an HR professional. Polls and surveys can help you get a good insight into what they think about the team building activities, on-boarding processes etc. Using Microsoft Forms, you can easily create polls and surveys. Employees can access them from a web browser and even from mobile devices.

Microsoft Flow

Utilize Microsoft Flow to generate custom workflows that let you automate repetitive tasks easily. To make on-boarding process effortless, you can create a workflow connecting SharePoint and Email app. By this, the system will automatically send on-boarding emails in perfect timing to the right people. This happens each time admin adds a new user to a SharePoint List.

Quickly process requests

Human Resource departments must manage a lot of requests and permissions frequently. The Microsoft Flow can be utilized to simplify the approval processes. The biggest advantage with Flow is that it works impeccably with all data stored in SharePoint and related apps. Manage and process approval requests from a unified center. With the right hr management software you can manage all requests from one centralized admin portal.

Microsoft Planner

When working with different teams and multiple projects, it will be difficult to keep up with your responsibilities. Microsoft Planner gives you the power to assign tasks, create and organize plans, and receive updates about task progress. It is simple and a richly visual way to handle teamwork with full control. The planner also gives great abilities to communicate and collaborate among team members.

Microsoft PowerApps

With Microsoft PowerApps you can easily create apps for employees and HR executives to solve specific problems. This can be done without writing a single line of code. The apps that are created using PowerApps works on all devices. Pre-built templates can be utilized to create solutions such as an interview tool or something like a suggestion box, as per requirement.

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