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How Credit Unions can Leverage SharePoint for  HR Needs?

11/22/18 8:05 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Credit Unions, HR Portal, SharePoint Intranet


Microsoft SharePoint is used by thousands of businesses across the globe to improve employee collaboration and productivity. It meets the diverse requirements of the ever-evolving digital workplaces, even more so for the HR( human resources department ). 

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Utilizing the best SharePoint Features that can benefit your HR Team daily

10/26/18 9:41 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Employee Onboarding, Collaboration, SharePoint Intranet Portal, HR Portal


Does your organization have an Office 365 subscription? Then Microsoft SharePoint  is something you get automatically. Even though SharePoint was around since 2001, it wasn’t until 2007 SharePoint release that organizations across the globe started harnessing the platform for collaboration, communication, document management and much more. 

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