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An Overview of Contract Clause Types and Effective Clause Management

Every business utilizes contracts to partner with customers and vendors, as well as when hiring employees. However, you might be wondering what all goes into a contract. In this blog, we will discuss some of the clauses that you will commonly find within a contract, and we will also discuss how to properly manage your contract clauses throughout contract lifecycles. Managing clauses can be difficult for any contract administrator or legal professional, so learning more about these processes can help you effectively oversee your clauses. And with disconnected processes like spreadsheets, shared drives, and emails, clause management can become that much more taxing.

An Introduction to Contract Management Clause Libraries

In contract lifecycle management, following compliance policies is critical to managing risk and maintaining accuracy in your contract lifecycle management processes. Today’s technological advancements present a new set of challenges to contract management compared to traditional management methods. Contract management is a meticulous process comprised of several stages that rely on the actions of multiple people or parties.

What is a Clause Library?

Contract management software is typically equipped with a contract template library and a clause library. In this blog, we discuss the many purposes of a clause library and how this incredible tool can boost efficiency and productivity in contract management.

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